Wednesday, November 5, 2008

That's Racist

My 3rd grader came home talking about the mock elections at school and who she voted for. She said she voted for McCain because he was white...
NOOOOOOO she didn't but might as well. She said she voted for Obama because he would be the first black President. I had to explain to her that is not a reason to vote for some one. Not because of the color of their skin, or if they are a man or women or because of their religion.
Yes it is exciting to have made history and have an African American in the White House (personally I would of preferred Colon Powell or Rice). But as I told my child (wth are these teachers telling them??) we vote for some one because we agree with their views, we think they represent us better then the other person running, because we think they will do a good job leading and are ready to face the hard challenges that office will have. Is that how the majority of Americans voted last night..I don't know.. I think most were just like my 3rd grade child.

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  1. I voted for Obama because that was my choice, but I do agree with you, you should only vote for a person because you believe as they do not because they are one color or the other, a man or woman, or any other superficial reason. Have a happy week.