Saturday, February 7, 2009

Uptate on my health. Before & After Pics

Me NewYears Eve 'O7
Me two weeks ago

Back in January I mentioned that I was going to the doctors for a physical. My weight loss has been concerning to some of those close to me. Since October my appetite has drastically changed and I have lost a ton of weight. I can't say the exact amount.. I refuse to own a scale but I go by how my clothes fit. I've gone from a 16/18 in jeans to currently a 10 and have gone down a cup size in bras.
When I did weigh in at the doctors I thought the scale was lying at 185.. surely I weigh less but maybe I was just that fat before and am now coming to realize how overweight I am. I look like a totally different person from a year ago. I went to the doctors again for follow up and have lost another 10 pounds in just 4 weeks. My first thought was... WOW just 25 more pounds and I will weigh about what I did before I had my first child... and I did the math in my head on how long it would take to get there if I kept at the rate I am at. I really want to start exercising and maybe join a gym to stay motivated.

My doctor did blood work and a chest x-ray last month. The chest x-ray was normal. THANK GOD. But my blood work ,the white cell count was up. She placed me on one of those 5 day antibiotics and retested me. It went down but not enough to make her happy. I went back in this last week for the follow up and told her maybe to test my urine.. I can have infection with out even knowing. We talked about that and my teeth. That seems to be her conclusion. I do have a slight blatter infection and I have to make my teeth a priority. I have no doubt my teeth may be a big cause of infection right now. When I had my wisdom tooth pulled in September the oral surgeon said he would not pull any more until I went to the dentist and came up with a plan. I know they all got to go and I need fake ones. I have known that for 5 years but have not had the money or the courage to get it done. Well dang.. I guess I can't keep putting it off if it is effecting my health, huh? It would be nice to have a big toothy smile again.. notice you will not see any pics of me posted with a open smile? They are bad bad.. a big source of embarassment for me. I almost don't want to go see my friend untill I have it done but the flight is booked, no going back now.
I asked my doctor if she was concerned about my weight loss and my appetite.. No not really. She seem to agree with me that my stomic has changed and it is my choice that I am loosing weight.. if I don't want to.. then eat more. That did not make my husband happy.. cuz he sees me at dinner time agonizing over a full plate of food.. wanting to eat it but only able to have a couple bites. Sometimes I am on the verge of tears because I am so mad that I can't eat what I really want to. Maybe what I really want to eat is not healthy and is too much in the first place. I look at the portions we give the kids.. portions I can't even eat right now. They finish it easily and ask for seconds. IDK.. maybe Josh is right.. I am developing an eating disorder (I say that in the most sarcastic, joking way possible, so not the case here)
So I am on another round of antibiotics and have an appointment in three weeks with the doctor...again. Now I see why my clients hate having all those doctor appointments!

We got our taxes back and have paid on bills. I need to let this sink in and be happy about it... THE HOUSE IS ALL CAUGHT UP! WE ARE OFFICIALLY CURRENT!!! That is so much stress off of us. Now if we can keep the payments perfect for the next year we can refinance. Spring is coming and work should be opening up for my hubby and I am due for a raise at my job. If anything is going to be good for my health and stress level it will be that. Josh getting back to work and us having our bills paid! We are doing ok now.. but it is a balancing act. I know its the same for almost everyone right now. I can't tell you how many people I know and meet that are laid off or are about to be. Missouri has one of the highest unemployment rates and they say it has not been this bad since the 30's. The state had to BORROW money from the fed to cover unemployment and I know they are making people jump threw hoops to get the small amount that is supposed to be available to those who qualify.


  1. I do think that you should keep looking at and thinking about possible causes for your drop in appetite. I wonder if inordinate stress could also affect? A very darling woman here suddenly started to lose weight until she got down to her weight in High school from around 200, which was 115. They put her in the hospital finally and took her off all her bi-polar medicines and started over. She is acting much more healthy now and has gained back quite a bit. She said her meds were doing it. But we were all very concerned in here until she started her way back up again. I also had another friend who had a big reaction to her bi-polar medicine, and had to be hospitalized and started all over with different ones. But I don't know if you are on any meds that might cause this problem in a young woman. You look very beautiful, but if you are worried about your health that is not good. Hope you can get this figured out. You and the doctors will just have to keep trying to figure it out. People's ailments are sometimes very hard to diagnose. Sounds like you have had some worries relieved with your finances. That is good. Good to hear from you! I just rode from the store with Stacy, the young woman I was talking about. It was so good to see her happy and on the upswing again.

  2. in 1995 i got sick super quick and to make a long story short, i almost died of sepsis....blood poisoning. It took a long time but the doc figured out i got blood poisoning from an absessed tooth and did not know it. Not that i think you have blood poisoning but if a person has abcessed teeth then it is easy to get violently sick all thru your body. I am glad you are losing weight if you want to lose weight but i do not want you sick!!!! I think you are a beautiful lady. HUGE relief that you were able to get current on bills. I sure know what you mean. BLESS YOU! XO

  3. I am glad that the dr's are getting to the cause of all of this! Linda

  4. Praying for you! Take care of yourself!

  5. Thanks for stopping by. Did they check your thyroid it could have something to do with it. Also if you dont get an appatite ask your doctor for megase its a pill that makes you hungry I have given it to my patiences before. I work in home care. have a Great day and enjoy yor trip

  6. My wife, Sharon will undergo aortic valve open heart surgery on March 24th, and we are both nervous and worried. We ask for you prayers on this matter, please. Sharon will prob. spend about 5 weeks in rehab and recovery at the hospital.

    Warm Regards,

    Tom S --
    in Wisconsin
    Jesus is Lord