Wednesday, February 18, 2009

After the day I had yesterday, I deserved a home spa night!

I am going to try and NOT complain... but yesterday SUCKED!!! Work situations that I am obligated not to talk about and then extreme disappointment about a bra order that I had to cancel due to poor, very very poor customer service.. they lost alot of money from me and I will not be referring any one to Ann's Bra Shop ever again. I used to L O V E that place. I have been getting my bras from them since I needed nursing bras with Lilly and Sophia. I would tell everyone I know who needed good foundations that was THE place to go and worth the little extra. There is amost nothing in the world to make you feel so good about your self then a bra that fits correctly. But not anymore. I went three weeks ago to use the gift certificate Josh got me for Christmas. I got fitted and found the style I really liked (since the one I loved was discontinued in my new size). They only had one color in my size so I ordered 3 more in black and white. When I find something I like I try and stick to it, I hate change. It was promised to arrive in a week and I would be called. Two weeks went by so Josh and I went up there to check if it came in... THEY HAD BEEN PUT ON THE FLOOR AND SOLD! So I reordered them last Monday with direct shipping to my house.. they promised it would be here by Friday. I also bought an expensive swimsuit (it was 50% off but still pricey for me) Well the bra's had not come so we called up there yesterday..... and they had JUST ordered them the day before and said it would take 2-4 weeks to come in. I am leaving this week and I only have ONE bra that fits right! I normally don't go off on people but this was too much. I got a refund and Ugh, now I have to go bra shopping! Do you understand how much I dislike shopping??

But talk about the gift that keeps on giving. For my Birthday I received a nice goodie bag of spa products from the church I was a guest speaker at. I almost forgot all about it but decided I deserved a nice long soak in the bath last night. I rediscovered all the marvelous bath products. I will be raving about Village Naturals brand for ever and ever. I already had some of their stress relief and muscle relief lotions but the mineral bath soak and body scrub was new to me. I started with the bath soak and used a really nice facial mask. Then I used the sugar body scrub. I smell like sugar cookies now (hubby can't resist, its his fav cookie lol) Then I used the feet lotion and socks over night. I am soooooooooooo soft and refreshed! My skin looks awesome! I need to do that more often.

Aww.. today is another new day. Positives.. I don't have to get up at the butt crack of dawn every day for work anymore. I have a little extra time at home (Josh has been whinny about how much I have been working lately.. now he gets his wish but less money). One more day till I go on vacation!!!! I get to pack today and am sooooooooooo excited about my get away!! The only negative today.. I have to get out of bed LOL.


  1. I absolutely agree that a good bra can make all the difference in feeling that you look good. No pancakes hanging down to my waist for me. Which is the style some of the women around here use. I have an 18 hour playtex bra that is the best. Yes, pampering ones self is sometimes vital to keep the spirits up and find life enjoyable. Sounds very healthy to me! Good luck on finding some you like, oh and I just adore buying swimming suits, too. I buy them to the thrift store, but have managed to find some great ones by shopping for them in the off season. So I will be ready to swim all summer now! I even take photos. Ha.

  2. I want a spa day now!! Sounds awesome!!!
    Lisa in KY