Wednesday, February 1, 2006

History captured via camera phone

Newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Alito sworn in by recent appointment Chief Judge Roberts as the President looks on.


Alito makes warm remarks.


I couldn't help but want to take a picture of these tv screen shots (wishing for a new dig camera ugh) and want to document what I think is a Historic moment.  Time and perspective will tell if it will be a day looked back on with a smile or with deep regret.  I'm praying for the best.


  1. well I sure we could get in a guy much worse thats the way I have tolook at it.
    NOW about the camera phone Rachael finally figured out to email to our aol email to get pics andthey are not half bad nad she can email pics from our pc and sent to her phone.

  2. All I can say is YAY!  I pray that he will be wise in many ways while he serves this country.  Carolyn