Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Big Bro.. um.. I mean Google ..

Big Google is watching you - Sunday Times - Times Online Very interesting (and maybe a bit scary) article about Google, how Google works and it's potential to " destroy the publishing industry, the newspaper business, high street retailing and our privacy."

One tidbit of info I didn't know about Google was that they download and copy the Internet and then catalog it for it's searches.  So beware.. what you put up on the web, what you blog about today.. you can't just delete it and think it will go away.. it is out there.. on a computer somewhere.. and that computer knows who you are, your computer's IP address and all sorts of other info.. 

Can you see where this is going or could go???   Heaven forbid we get a World Government like China where they jail people just for searching out key words... or you blog something unfavorable about them.


Shoot they are probably watching me right now.. *looks around concerned*.. I better go.  burning my computers now.

Just kidding of course but I can see a time when that would not be so funny.  It's getting close folks.. be prepared.. in your heart.. build up treasure where it can not be stolen, or where it will not rust.. Jesus IS coming soon.


  1. Yes, it is scary.  I don't get into preachy Domesday (not saying you are).  I just think it is better to just be ready.  You'd be surprised the blogs I come across trying to predict when He is coming.

    Just be ready.  Geez.  ;o)


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  2. indeed the "one world" thing is is....

    But, Mary you and I won't be here to see it.  We will be long gone by then, raptured and all~and I am not talking about music.


  3. I wish it was the case where we would not see what is talked about in Rev and One World Goverment and there for be spared the deep perscution talked about... but I don't think that is what will happen.. I do think we will live threw Tribulation.. and see the "Beast and False Prophet" come to power.. But Christians will not see Wrath... I think some confuse God's wrath with the Great Tribulation period.

  4. Yes, it is scary my friend. I think He is coming soon also! Woohoo! God bless, Beckie