Thursday, February 2, 2006

Me and My Big Mouth! : )

I was waiting till I heard the final word today before I posted or breathed anything about it.. for me it is very exciting..... Monday, February 27th  I am going to be on the Radio!  Amy and I are going to give a 15 min. interview about Silent No More on KJSL 630 AM with Debra Peppers in the 3:15 time spot!!

How did that happen you may wonder?? LOL

Well... for one KJSL is one of my favorite  Christen Talk Radio stations.  I hardly listen to the radio these day.. mostly when I am driving and it has not been all that often lately.  I found KJSL on the AM dial early in my Christian walk and have found that station to be very encouraging.  Angela Michaels who is very active at standing outside the Granite City Hope(less) Clinic For Women used to be on the morning show, often when I would listen on the way to taking the kids to school and I give her credit in part for shearing my conscious about my own abortion.  Listening to interviews on Debra Peppers show in the afternoon drive time with women with the PRC now and then, helped me in realizing some of the feelings I was having and the hurt I was feeling was normal and I was not alone, help was out there.  I can still remember the tears shed listening to some of these programs and knowing it was God using these voices on the other end to lead me into my own healing and forgiveness.  So you can see for me.. how this has all come full circle?

January 23 I was getting ready to pick up Lilly from school.  I was taking a shower, one of the only other times I listen to the radio and was pleased to hear the focus of the show was about Prolife issues.  In fact I was taking my sweet time so I could hear the full interview with the Women from Right To Life who was in Washington at the March For Life.  She was talking with Debra on her cell as women from Silent No More were giving their testimonies in the background and that lead into what Silent No More was and the beginning steps in recovering from an abortion and the stress and heart ach from it.  Oh you know my ears were glued and I was disappointed that I had to miss some of it because I had to get Sophia dressed and ready to get in the van.  As I drove to the school my mind was swimming with questions like.. do they know there is a local Silent No More group? And why haven't they given a plug for the PRC's Post Abortion Bible Study yet??  Ohh if only I could call in.   I got to Lilly's school about ten min. early so I was able to sit and listen more.  Often I have wished for a cell phone while I listen to the radio in the car but didn't have one until just recently.  I took mine out and looked up Amy's cell number and my own, writing them down and then waited for them to give out the stations studio line's number.  I wasn't sure if I was going to call or not but thought it would be good to have those handy. 

Towards the end of the program Debra opened up the studio line for calls with Praise reports and Prayer Requests.. I thought well this is just as good as time as ever, I'll just give a quick plug for Silent No More and give out Amy's number since she is the Saint Louis Contact/coordinator.  My heart fluttered with nerves as the line rang and as I talked to the person screening the calls.  My call had made it threw and I was on hold till the last caller was done talking.  It felt like forever and I was starting to loose my nerve (don't you all know how shy I am.. this all had to be the Holy Spirit moving) and it was getting close to when I had to get Lilly.. but I waited for my turn to be on air.  I had to settle Sophia and Annie in the back telling them I was on hold and was going to be on the radio.. but I had to turn the radio off.. they groaned because ofcourse they wanted to hear mommy on air lol.  Then just like that Debra was on the line greeting me and I went into why I called.. about how I was listening earlier and that I was apart of a local Silent No More group and wanted to give out the Contact info.  After I did that it is something of a blurr... she asked form my testimony (my mind froze on how to give the shortened version lol) and I don't even know what all I said, I know I talked about the PRC and the Post Abortion Bible Study and Counseling.  We talked a good long five min and if you know anything that is a long time of radio time.  Then she said she needs to have Amy and me on for an interview some time.. and ofcourse I said that would be great lol.  And I gave my numbers to her producer. 

I would like to say I forgot all about it till this week when the producer called but really it has been in the back of my mind the whole time.  It took alot of restrain for me to not post about it here.. I didn't want to have another TIME snafu by saying I was going to be in some media and then it fall threw.  But Lord willing.. it is all set!  You can listen online too!  Ofcourse I am going to be getting a tape of it and see about posting it afterwards but if you would like to hear it live you can online.  To me this is way cooler then TIME or even getting to go to Jeff-City.  I get to see the inside of the studio for a station I love and meet one of the on air personalities that is one of the most encouraging women you can ever hope to meet.  I pray that it all goes well.. the right person or people will be listening, and I can play a part in some one finding healing like others have done with me.  God is just so awesome in how he orchestrates everything!

As the date gets closer I will repost the link and a reminder to listen.  Please Please Please keep me in prayer as I prepare my heart and mind for this interview and ask The Holy Spirit to move threw me.  All Glory be unto God!


  1. congrats to you girl

  2. I can't wait to hear you sis!

  3. That is so cool!  Good for you- I want to hear it!!!!  Take care- and don't get nervous when you get there- God will calm you- have a great experience!  Love Carolyn

  4. Oh, honey, you KNOW it will go as it should. God won't let you down. Count on it. This is exciting news. I am happy for you but proud of you as well. Looking forward to hearing you over the radio. Please post a reminder though.
    BIG HUGS< and another one for good measure.

  5. Hiya! Busy and Blessed one.
    I noticed your comment on Kasia's journal...about adding music to her journal.

    Could you please tell me how to do that?
    I would LOVE to do that with my journal, too.
    Thank you so much
    (I mean, if you can find a few moments to do it. :)

    Thanks again
    and GOD Bless you and yours