Friday, February 24, 2006

Pictures taken with my awesome new camera : )

Zane crossed over into Boy Scouts last week.  An important event in our family.  We are so proud of him.  He earned The Arrow Of Light award, the highest honor a cub scout can earn.  As he walked over the bridge and was stripped of his old neckerchief, I couldn't help but tear up a bit.  He is now officially a Boy Scout, on his way to being an Eagle Scout one day I just know it.  It is too bad he was still sick and didn't feel like smiling so much but it was just too big of a deal for him to stay home.

Valentine is getting so big already.  My poor kitty.  His tail is sooooo skinny now from all the playing around with the puppy.  I can't keep them apart.. half the time Gab instigates the playful banter but Val gets too rough some times.  Potty training is going, could be better. We finally got a proper crate for Valentine and are going to try a few suggestions from our neighbor who has trained many dogs.  At least she is warming up to going outside and not just sitting there and whining on the leash.  We don't have a fence yet so we can't let her just run free.  We are considering getting one of those underground electric fencing when we have the money.

Our tax return came.. and then it went.  After paying and catching up on all our bills and getting just a *ahem* few small things, its G O N E.  I am a bit let down that we have to wait even longer to get the dental work I absolutely need done but you know we were so far behind from Josh not working for six weeks straight, I guess I will just have to deal. Now that he is back to work full time and on second shift we should be able to start putting money away.  BUT I am thrilled with my new digital camera. A flash makes a big difference and just look how crisp these pictures are.  I hardly had to edit any of them.  It is a Casio EXLIM, and also will take small clips of video. Josh surprised me with it and said it was my late Birthday and Valentine's Day present.  He got himself a very nice new cell phone that takes better pics then my cell and his has video. I am a little green over it.. it is a better toy I think lol. I told him we should switch phones, his is too nice to be bringing to work.. but of course he doesn't agree with that idea. 

Besides all that Life has been going well.  I am getting closer with my friend Audra.  She goes to my church and we have been friends over a year now but now we live so much closer to each other and can do more things together.  She is also a stay at home mom and a lot of fun.  She is one of the sweetest and loyal person you could wish to know.  We are planning on going on the women's retreat at the end of next month together. We also decided to start having Bible study and Prayer together during the week.  I am thankful that God has sent her in my life.  He knew how I longed for a girl friend to do these things with and the hole in my life for a close friend and he has provided once again abundantly. 

Tomorrow Josh is taking Zane and Sophia to a Bike Show and Audra's hubby and boys may go along.  I plan on taking the rest of the girls and Audra to Old Time Pottery while they are out doing that and maybe find a craft for us to do this week.

Keep an eye out for more posting with pictures " ) And me making the rounds in J~Land getting caught up with my online friends.

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  1. love the pics of the puppy. one usggestion I have two dogs that the electronic fence does not work for and I had a neighbor and friend. some dogs the shock just does not bother them so before you spend money on that which is usually around 200- 300 you might consider getting chain link fecne which is not a whole lot more expensive if you do it your self considering it will work and lasts. hrd work but even wtih the rock in our back yard we got it done first thing we did when we got our house