Monday, April 10, 2006

Wow! I'm so proud and excited!!!!!!!

Have I ever told you how smart my son is??? Oh I know I have lol. This is the 11yrd boy that dreams of going off to Oxford to attend school just because his favorite authors C.S. Louis and J.R.R. Tolkin were once professors there. Sometimes I just can't keep up with him, if you know what I mean?  He amazes me all the time.  I am telling you God has some big plans in store for my boy.

This year the after school club he choose to be in was Quiz Bowel.  He loved it because he is a trivia buff and likes that sort of thing. I was a bit disappointed that he choose that club over the Christian Club that was on the same day but as long as he had fun what could I say.  Now I think maybe that was the preparing/testing ground for what is about to come next for him.  Just yesterday he was telling me some interesting unsung Civil War fact he had read about (soldiers when they were board liked to race.. lice.. eww)  and asking if he could stay up later than normal to watch a History Channel Special about one of the battles that changed the course of history.

Last Friday Zane asked if he could go to the Jeopardy web site and apply to be on Kids Jeopardy. He had saw on TV during comercial break for Jeopardy that they were seeking applications (I didn't even know he watched Jeopardy but I'm not surprised) I shrugged my shoulders and said sure, not really thinking much of it but he was pretty excited about it.  At first he asked if he could go to Chicago for the auditions but then kept reading and saw they are holding them here in the Saint Louis area too.  That seemed be do-able.  So I gave him the OK but kept in mind that there must be tons and tons of applications for the Jeopardy people to go threw, what are the chances.

Today I got an e-mail asking for me to call and RSVP for his spot to audition!!!!!  WOW!  Good thing I actually got on the computer today and didn't just do my standard delete delete delete because of massive mail in my box.

I have never been one to really watch regular Jeopardy much less the kids version.  How does one even begin to prepare for such a thing? Can you even prepare for it?  I suggest that he start reading the encyclopedia and dictionary lol.  But above all I just want him to have fun and not get stressed out.  I am not going to lie.. I want him to get on and yes win.. if they are offering money for collage as a prize that would mean a lot to us as a family.

So keep him in your prayers and if you have any hints or suggestion to offer us I am all ears.  His appointment is Thursday, May 4th at 4:00. 


  1. How exciting!!!  I don't have any tips, but I sure can pray!  :)

  2. Awesome!  If he makes it to a taping, be very sure to find out when and what chanels it will air on.  I'd love to watch someone I "know".  lol   -  Barbara

  3. way cool!!! that is just awesome!!


  4. Tell your son to keep at it.  I fell in love with the Lord of the Rings when I was five or six, and now I'm doing a Masters in Medieval History at Trinity College, Oxford.  So it's definitely within his grasp.  And best of luck on the Jeopardy endeavor.

  5. I'll keep him and you all in my prayers- that is really cool!  I watch Jeopardy alot, but don't usually watch the teen tournaments, because I feel wierd trying to compete against smart kids!  Thats really cool- Good for Him!  Happy Easter- love Carolyn