Friday, April 21, 2006

"I'v Got To.. Get A Way!"

Ladies Retreat seems like a far off time and place.  Oh it was so wonderful, uplifting and fun.. everything a women's retreat should be.  I even got to get away to a winery or two (still need to post pics of them and give all the yummy details) But the stress I have been under since the very day I got home had me saying "OH! When can I go back?!!"

Josh has been out of town working, and even before he left we were somewhat in a tiff and he was working long hours.  We haven't had  a real meaningful conversation for about two weeks.  Dealing with the kids, the bills, the house, the dog and cat, friend's drama's and on and on.. everyone is ME ME ME... take take take.. needless to say I have a very low "love bank" right now!!

Awww but God is good.. all the time!  He has sent me a wonderful blessing in the form of my friend Audra.  I am going on an adventure this weekend.  Going on the 4 hour drive to Evansville IN to see Josh for the weekend!!! Just ME!  The kids will be staying here with my brave friend.

Josh will be working this weekend but ahaa.. the nights are mine.  So I will get some good alone time with myself while he is at work and then some real good make up time with my hubby after work.

I'll be singing: "Thank The Lord For The Night Time" Neil Diamond

So I need to hurry up and get done what I need to get done so I can leave.  Today is pay day so the bills are in first order and then shopping... I am getting a new vacuum cleaner and pricing a carpet cleaner.. also there is this white (white is the new pink this season if you didn't know) dress at Old Navy that I have had my eye on : ) 

I am soooo... OUT-A HEEEERRRRRRREEEE!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hey, cool! We will be "neighbors," if just for the weekend!  I am about 30 minutes from Evansville (East side.)

    Enjoy your special hubby time and get your tank re-filled!  :)


  2. Well, it sounds like you may get the refreshing you need!  Men seem to have a hard time understanding how much, how fast and how easily we can get depleated of any energy or affection.  -  Barbara

  3. I know you'll be having a wonderful time, enjoy and bask


  4. Have a wonderful trip and visit with your hubby. Isn't it a blessing to have wonderful friends who will shove you out the door!

    God Bless

  5. Stopped by to say HELLO to you and yours. Regards, Bill and Libby.