Monday, April 10, 2006

Where to even start???

Can you believe it? I have not done a solid blog entry since March 15th??? Why??  I don't know!  For whatever reason I just have had no real desire to be on the computer.. shocking I know.

Sooooooooooooo much going on.. I do not even know where to start.  I may have to do several entries this week to focus on each topic that has been prevalaint in my life.

Obviously I am not that missed around J~Land.. haven't received any "where you been girl".. or "how you doing".. lol but that is ok.. not pouting.. we all have lives. And UGH! My counter must of gone back to Zero.  While that is very annoying because I have been bloging well over two years and it was way way up there.. I am not going to fuss about it.. ain't nothing but a thang.  And Yes I Know.. there is some way to fix it back.. but that would require more computer time looking up how to do that and I am just not feeling like investing myself to do all that work right now.  I have over 500 e-mails to go threw and delete.  Sorry I have not been able to stay up to date on all my friends blogs and journals.

Josh left for out of town work and will be gone all week, so maybe I will be on more often with out him here. 

Some exciting foot notes of what I have been up to while off line.. Went to a Wedding and got all deck out and had a blast.. just Me and Josh.. no kids.. and we got to stay overnight in a room alllllll to ourselves..heehee. 

Kids had spring break what seems like forever ago now and are already back to school and doing the standardized testing. 

I went on Ladies Retreat last weekend at Lake Of The Ozarks, Awesome time and I hope to post more about it later with pics. 

 Getting to know new friends in life and building new relationships.. that is always fun but also remembering not to neglect old ones too.. you know like the Girl Scout song goes.. "Make New Friends But Keep The Old, One Is Silver And The Other's Gold." 

Keeping up with the house is a full time JOB that I know I should be fired from lol.  But we have gotten some decorating done.. pics later of those.

On a sadder note, One of my Pastors is very sick and in the hospital. Been doing alot of praying and drawing close to the Lord and trying to be there for his family and our friends who are grieving.  Personally I am at Peace with what ever happens because I know and he knows where he will go if he doesn't recover but I don't feel it in my spirit that it is his time.. just yet. Just praying for the Father's Will to be done. Sunday it our other Pastor said that he asked Bill if he could give us a message what would he say and he said, "Don't let the little things in life trip you up with your walk and relationship with God. Your relationship with him is the most valuable thing ever, all else will fall into place, don't get side tracked."  I'm holding on to that this week.

 I have become more active at church and able to go to Wed. nights more often.  The kids are getting ready for Easter, they are in a play at church this Sunday so there has been lots of practices for it. 

Oh and I shaved my head. Ya I think I'll leave you  hanging on that lol.  Till Next time. *wink*


  1. Glad to have you back.  I hope you get to post more this week.  Linda

  2. glad to hear from you. i havent done much here anymore either..just been way to busy. but i did miss you! i've tried talking to you but you were always on your way elsewhere when i'd say hello. so you shaved your head? im wondering what for maybe for the st. baldricks foundation i dont know..or maybe your talking about something else completely different. you loved your hair if you did im going to be really surprised!

  3. Well, I missed you!!!  But just as glad you are enjoying life!  -  Barbara