Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Finnaly.. recent pictuers and my thoughts on my new hair.

 B.C. (Before cut) My best friend Audra and Me at Ladies retreat.  Ya, we like that lime green color wayy too much lol

  The girls in their Easter outfits and sporting their new hair cuts too.  Really loving the head scarfs on Sophia and Lilly.. will have to find some more of those.

  My handsome boy Zane.

DRUM ROLL.........................................................




It is a very big change and takes some getting used to.  But it is growing on me I think. 

The positives are.. shower time is cut in half, don't have to worry about my hair blowing in the wind, and wayy cooler in the summer.  I have been thinking about it and how people perceive women with short hair.  I see them, for the most part, as strong, progressive, braining women.. lol so  maybe that is how others will see me now??  The pitfalls.. I receive alot of attention from those who see it for the first time and remember my long locks, can't hide behind my hair was one of my vanity spots, can't wear a bandanna because it looks like I had cancer.. can't tickle my husband with my hair, until it grows out a bit it looks just a wee bit butch (so not me.. going to make extra efforts to wear more pink lol jk) when it dries it sticks up (but I found some great hair products the helps with that)

Would I do it again?? Well.. ya.. because I did it for love.  As some of my friends know my girls have been dealing with lice on and off ..mega frustration.. we have done everything in the book to get rid of them but they kept getting re-infected at school. So Josh convinced me to allow him to use the hair clippers on them and just get it all over with.  I didn't have them but I knew the girls were going to feel weird about their hair being so short.   Yes, I cried as I heard the hum of the clippers and the vibration on my head as my hair fell to the floor but it was well worth it so the girls could say.. "my mom has the same hair cut as me.. so there.. girls have short hair too.. not just boys" if ever teased about it.



  1. did you try the tea tree oil and eycalypitus stuff that workes wonders. Tracy worked in government day care and daily had kids with lice. SHE Never got it.!!!!!!!!!!! herbal ways are much better just put it in shampoo and it works wonderfully.
    Ya I was tihnking a bit butchLOL funny  you said that. see the thing is Todds neice who was raised a methodest is a lesbian. her parents are humiliated but they love her but she and you almost look alike. never saw the similarities before. So that maybe why I say a bit butch . Heck homeschool then rather than lice I mean surely every child there cant have lice all the time toher parents have to be doing something adn if the school is that infected it may mean the school needs to delice!!!!!!!! it could be in curtians. They had to do that once at the day care. It stopped it from being so bad. Problem with the governemnet day cares you get new welfare kids in daily and 99% of the time they had lice. OH gee thanks now you got my head itching

  2. Yes Lori.. I did the green tree oil in our shampoo.. and EVERY other thing that you can think of.

    Oh well.. it is just hair.. it will grow back. : )

  3. I like it on you better -ACTUALLY! and thats that, it is only hair!

  4. Hey, if you feel good and it fits you life...go with it!  -  BArbara
    P.S.  Kids were precious for Easter!  

  5. I like it!  Big change, but like you said, so much less maintenance.  And I'm all for less maintenance!


  6. Oh my god, Mary! You look -amazing-  Wow.