Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fashion Show. Some of what we bought today.

It needs to be said again.. I really really dislike shopping!  But the girls needed the new coats and shoes.  I should of tried on the new tops before I bought them.. then I would of seen how fat it makes me look lol.  But they are warm so I will keep 'em, even if it is too "young" for me.  LMBO

Marshall's:  Sophia & Lilly's coats.  Lilly's shoes.  Annie's two outfits.

TJ Max:  Annie's Coat

Target:  Sophia's shoes.  My tops.  4 Cardinals Championship Sport shirts for each of the kids (not pictured)

We didn't get to hair cuts today.  Put that on the list of things to do this week.

I had planned on going to Burlington Coat Factory for all our shopping today.  I wasted so much time looking for it only to find it was gone, closed down! UGH.  Figures, I finally have a bit of money to shop there and they close.  But over all we did pretty good today.  We got what we needed and didn't spend an ungodly amount of money.  I wanted to check out Good Will today too but by the time we got to it they were closed.  Everything ofcourse closes earlier on Sundays.  That is what I get for being lazy yesterday and not doing all I should of done.  I will try and get there sometime this week and look for a nice out fit (suit maybe) to wear for Saturday.  I have had luck there before so it will be worth the trip.


  1. I love the coats, they are fabulous.  Not seen anything like that over here.

  2. I despise shopping....but oh the wonderful feeling of putting on something new to wear the first time!  -  Barbara

  3. Oh boy! I hate shopping too!!  I usually start out at Goodwill, then go from there.  I've found someof my best outfits from Goodwill!  Cute things for the girls though- as for your shirt, I have some that make me look huge- but they're so comfy!  Mary, you crack me up!  Have a great week!  Carolyn

  4. Mary, I sure enjoyed seeing the pictures of the girls. Your Daughters sure look like you. My Regards, Bill.

  5. Love, love, love the new outfits!!  Sounds and looks like a very successful shopping day!!  I hope to be in the north soon doing some coat shopping!!! Hugs,