Monday, October 9, 2006

This week is going to be as busy as the last..

Saturday morning was Women's Meeting at church... and it was awesome ofcourse.  The main message was "Who Told You That" considering the source.  And then we had a moving prayer time.  I really take to heart what was spoke to me while I was being prayed over, it was very timely and maybe I'll share later.

Then Saturday afternoon we went to the Grand Opening of our church's out reach food pantry.  Zane helped out by being a clown.  It was something of a carnival theme.  It was a good time and a few new faces did show up.  I enjoyed meeting new people and just talking to them.  The out reach is small right now but I know it will grow, especially once we have a new building built and more room.  But even with the little that we do have, God can do big things with it if we are faithful. 

Sunday the kids and I went to a cousin's birthday party at what some parents consider the most evil place ever lol Chucky Cheese.  Ya, it is a bit of an annoying place. I couldn't see going there but once a year.  But the children had a ball and will be talking about it for the next month I am sure.  Aunt and Uncle kept them all in tokens the whole time.. I hope they don't expect that from me.. I'd be very broke!  Remember when it used to be called Billy Bob's and it was a Gorilla as the mascot?

This week is going to be somewhat of a busy one too.  Tomorrow I am going on a field trip with Annie and her class.  We both are excited that I can go along.  The first field trip of the year and the first time I have been able to help out at school in I don't know how many years.  It will so much easier to be more involved now that all 4 of the kids are in school.  I did get a call from Sophia's teacher about me starting to be a helper in the Kindergarten class.  That's going to be very cool.

Wednesday is my one of my Best Friend's birthday.. she is going to be ... haha she'd kill me if I really said.. but it is almost as old as dirt.. not quiet but almost (Love you Aud hehe)  My other friend and I have decided to do something special for her.. and you know it has to do with Chocolate.. since Audra is a CHOCOHOLIC!!  Then later that night I have church.. I have missed two Wednesday's in a row and I really need to get back on track with my Bible study and the kids are missing out on things going on in their clubs. I'm going to have to get gas in the van.. ugh.. I was hoping to hold off on that till Friday.

Thursday is Zane's 12th Birthday!!! OMG!  *sniff* My baby is so not a baby anymore.  Now he is a gross pre-teen boy, and a bit smelly too .   Friday night he is having his birthday sleep over party.  I have to get the sisters out of the house or else you know it will be a big night of torcher.. for me or the girls.. either  way they got to go lol.  Any suggestions of fun games or activities for a 12 yr boy's sleep over party??  I am going to try and get them into a "nice" version of Truth Or Dare.. so I can get all the dirt for me and the other mom's to talk about.  Other than lots of junk food and movies I can't think of anything.  Considering it will be Friday The 13th, I need to think of a good way to scare them too! Wish Josh was here, he is better at this stuff than I am.

Then Saturday night it all starts over again with a special concert out at church's new property.  We rented a big tent and are going to put up a stage and have lots of praise music and food.  And Sunday morning something similar.

Again.. forgive me for being so behind on my alerts.. will try and catch up tonight but this next week I may be on even less than I was last. Out there.. living life..but I'll check back in and report it all.. if you are interested


  1. I remember the days of chuckie cheese!  Now, If we're out shopping and my kids are working on my last nerve, I threaten them with lunch there! LOL

  2. Happy Birthday to Zane!  Sorry, but I have no ideas there for almost teen boys.  Just try and find something gross, and they'll like it.  Congrats too on your church's out reach pantry!  Hopefully it will be a great thing for your whole community and bring lots of needed help to many folks.  Seems like everyone's busy these days, but keep up with us somehow Mary!  You're like a breath of fresh air!  Take care and have a good week!  Love Carolyn

  3. Happy birthday indeed, and I'm glad to see you finding strength in Christ!

  4. Still a buzy bee,lol. I think the pantry is an awesome thing to do. Happy Bday Zane


  5. You are one busy lady, but all the things you are doing sound great. Hope you friend has a wonderful birthday and Zane as well.

  6. Twelve year old boys......alien creatures.  Take them muddin, or rabbit hunting.  Enjoy life!!  ;o)  -  Barbara

  7. I have girls so I'm clueless on the pre-teen boy thing. All I know is I do my best to keep the boys far away :o) Movies seem to the fav of all my pre-teen and teen girls hanging around. Good luck with that! Of course being today, the 13th, that does open up some scary posibilities. Have fun Mom and think scary fun~