Monday, October 2, 2006

News Junkie going cold turkey

I JUST CAN'T TAKE IT NO MORE!!!  This morning news was just too much.. and I have avoided the rest all day and don't feel any inkling of watching anything but comedy or love stories.

I mean commmmmmmmmmme on!!! A shooting in an Almish one room school house, killing how many children.. 6 or more?!!!  And the week before that the one in Colorado and the kid in Wisconsin (all these rural or suburban areas) shooting his principal.  And then here in my local news.. Women stealing other women's children.. cutting them out of the womb... killing the mother and baby and then the other 3 kids turned up dead in the washer and dryer.  And the week before that a women stealing a new born and slashing the mother's throat.

My kids are doing terrist drills at school like they are fire fricking drills!

Is it just me.. or is there a "spirit" of violence covering America.. hitting us where it hurts the most.. our children.


  1. I was appalled and upset when I saw the Amish shooting on our t.v.  So terrible and the other school shootings last week, I did not know about some of the other things. What an awful world we live in now.

  2. I know what you mean. It's so sad. I'm so thankful my kids are out of school ,if I had little ones now I would absolutely home school them. Terrorist drills? wow, but I guess it's a needful thing in this time we are in. Girl it's only gonna get worst, it's not just you there is a spirit covering the earth and violence is just one of them. He grows stronger because he knows his time is short. We gotta just keep close to God. you know where these amish got shot ;my husbands family desends from, they were all amish,he still has relatives there I'm sure. We mustt teach our kids to stay alert at all times to people and things around them


  3. It's beyond disturbing, frightening and utterly disgusting. We home school and I truly am thankful GOD placed doing this  on our hearts.  

  4. It's surely a spirit of's a trying time we are living in.

  5. That Amish school shooting was not far from me.  I cried for those parents!  Yes, it's pretty bad when a nice quiet Amish school isn't safe!

  6. Hey Mary.  It is pretty depressing isn't it.  I agree- there is definately a dark covering over this country.  You know, in my Bible reading, I have just finished Joshua and coming into the Book of Judges.  It's very interesting (and more than a little scary) of how much like Israel we are in these times.  As we as a country have disobeyed God, and worship all kinds of Baals and idols, as our society sinks deeper into 'depravity', we are going to reap what we sow for sure.  I really pray for a strong turn around in this country reaaaalllly soon or we will be in deep trouble as God will leave us to ourselves.  I know lot's of people read your journal- and I'm calling on everybody here and at other Christian journals who aren't yet praying and intercessing for this country and our Government- please start!  Pray from The President on down to the smallest county- please, and even the school districts etc.  WE NEED A REVIVAL!!!!  Bless you Mary- take care and lots of hugs!  Love Carolyn

  7. The news is awful.  I am glad I am not watching it.  Luv n Hugs,

  8. Hold on tight to your children. It is a sign of the times I tell ya  and  it is only going to get worse as time grows closer to an end. Satan is using children because it is a weak spot of parents.