Sunday, April 29, 2007

Saint Louis Mourning a BIG loss

I don't follow sports much but if you are from STL you are automaticly apart of Cardinal Nation. The news of Josh Hancock's death this morning sent shock waves threw our community.  Not only was he beloved but it also opens up fresh wounds from loosing  Darryl Kile in 2002, another talented pitcher for the Cards.
It just seems like there has been so much tragedy this last month, so much death in the news.  Please keep pray for the families and friends grieving from VT and for the Cardinals and those who were close to Josh Hancock.  Again another reminder of our own mortality, life is short and can be over in a breath.  A reminder that NOW is the time to make your peace with God because we are NOT promised tomorrow.  Annother oppurtuinty to ask yourself.. Am I ready if I was to die today?

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  1. I just read about his death.  I haven't seen any news all day today. I saw it on the AOL Welcome Screen when I signed on to the computer.  I clicked through to read the story.  How tragic.  Players had called him 3 days earlier when he overslept and didn't answer the phone.   He was very late to practice.  Perhaps they will find a medical reason that caused him to swerve and crash into that tow truck.
    Saying prayers for his family.......