Thursday, December 15, 2005

The answer to my CDROM probs..

You may remember me freaking out about how all of a sudden my CDROM drive AND CDRW drive just vanished into computer thin air?  I really have tried my best to stay calm and not complain too much.. I could really go on and on about how irritating my computer and *ahem* some of the service I have been getting in regards to things connected with the computer but I wont..BECAUSE THERE IS GOOD NEWS.. well at least a little bit of good news.


Last month I was sooooooooooooo excited to get the new Neil Diamond CD and beating my mom to the punch.  I couldn't wait to load it onto my computer and possibly get it on my Journal and have Oh Mary as my journal song.  Sony deflated that idea with their big bad copy right protection software and I couldn't up load it to my FTP Space.  At the time I didn't think it was a big deal and just went on with my life and dealing with the drama of AOLHELL.  But then I started hearing things about how Sony/BMG's software could mess ppl's computers up and make them vulnerable to hackers and viruses.  I was so pissed because after JUST buying one of their CD's it was being recalled, I was too busy to investigate it more and put returning it on hold but I did go to their website and put in a request for info on how to get the problematic software off my computer.  After two requests and e-mails later they sent me instructions on how to get it off but insisted my fears were unfounded and bla bla bla.. butt covering jargon.  The instructions they sent were too complicated for this blonde and I was getting sick of dealing with the computer as it was because of the up roar in J~Land at the time.  Again I let it all go for later.

When I wanted to install my digital camcorder so I could have Video IM with my husband there was even more frustration with the computer and I discovered a major problem... I could not install new software because some how my CDROM had disappeared off "My Computer".. you know the story.  I did not suspect that my Neil Diamond and Sony/BMG could of caused such damage.  I asked my tec friends for advice and help but you know Christmas is the busy season and they just never got over here to look at it but after some reading my friend's husband found a story about some one who had a similar problem as me with their CDROM and how it all started after they installed a Sony Music CD.

So with that info I went back to looking for a solution on my own and after reading more about Sony and BMG software I went back to their site (I still have to exchange my corrupted cd and needed the directions on how to)  There they had software you can download that would fully remove their programs.


I did that and checked "My Computer" again.  My CD drives where there but had big red ! over them and still would not work.  I did the help suggestions from Windows and un-installed them and after figuring out how to, reinstalled them.  It all seems to be back to normal and I have use of my CDROM and CDRW back.    

Whaaaaaaahooo!! HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY JOY!!   One thing checked off my list of things to do.. 50000 more to go.  I do feel some pride that I was able to handle this problem and fix it myself (with a wee bit of help from my friends).  Maybe I am ready to tackle adding the other hardware we were talking of installing before we handed this computer off to the kids?? HAHAHA! NOT!.  

So there you have it folks.. if your CDROM drive goes missing.. check to see if you recently installed any of the Sony music CDs that had the new copyright protection software on it.. that may just be your problem.


  1. ah see that is how I fixed my lap top problems after writing in my  journal a friend told me there are lap top fans so I m thinking if they made something for it htere must be a big problem with them and there is. I typed in laptop shutting down over heating nad sure neough there were 100;s of articles na dI even talked to a few friends (karas mom) who had that problemand even sent theirs back time and time again to get a new fan underwarrenty and bam it happend again so Todd geri rigged a thing to make it raised up and we are going to get a fan but even with it raized up its not shutting down all the time YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEe see I also found a web site that tells how to take one apart to clean it too. how cool is that??????

  2. Glad you are all mended!  -  Barbara

  3. Thank goodness this one problem is gone. I am so PC dumb i would have never figured it out. Glad you did.
    I do love Neil Diamond.
    Love,lisa jo

  4. So glad u figured it out! How weird! God bless, beckie