Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Mostly Positive Things

I miss writing and reading.. don't know why I haven't been around.  Maybe I am trying to be good and not do the complaining thing and since I am used to letting that fly here and some of the stuff that has been irritating me is computer related I have just been avoiding?? LOL Maybe.  So I am going to try and make this a positive post.. ok? Can I do that? LOL Maybe.

First... HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY MOM!!!  I AM SOOOOOOO SORRY I FORGOT.  I'll make up for it at Christmas.. promise *wink* You look so good for your age.. I can't belive you are the age you said.. you have to be in your 40's lol because you look so darng GOOD! LMBO

 Also when I think of my mom's birthday it reminds me of the day I got baptized.  6yrs ago now! WOW.

Second....  I loveeeeeeee my husband *big drooling grin here*  This separation is not all bad.. some good has come out of it. lol He treats me sometimes like we are courting.. surprises here and there.. nice silk sheets in the mail.. requests for pictures for his eyes only  heehee.. teasing on the phone late at  night.. other things I can't say in public with out blushing deep pinks and reds.  Having an online love affair with your husband is really romantic.  But as always.. I can't wait till he is home and in the flesh.

Also I am starting to get into the Holiday Spirit mode.  Some decorations are up here and there and we got a wee little bit dusting of snow this morning.  My favorite is my fire place.  The fire blazing nice and warm and cozy with all the stocking holders I just bought (I have never had a fire place before).  I would like to warn you though.. if you do buy pointsitas.. they do NOT fair well outside when it is freezing.. they will wilt and die.. who knew.. I thought they were Christmas plants and would do well with cold weather and look cute on my porch.  The porch has a fake tree decorated with red lights and I tried to hang these star lights on the porch but the clips are some what flimsy and they fell.. have to find a better solution.  I also got 8 boxes of icicle lights to put on the outside of the house but haven't worked up the courage just yet to get on the latter and put them up myself.  My son Zane is chomping at the bit to help with that project lol.  Also a favorite place with CHRISTmas decorations is my dinning room.  The Nativity is out on the hall table with a gold runner.  The dinning table has a festive table cloth and a wreath like candleholder as a center piece.  My chandelier has greenery around it.  If I do entertain this CHRISTmas the dinning room will be very pretty.   Ofcourse I have tons more decorations I can get out from the garage.  I still have to find a place for my Teddy Bears and we have more ordainments.  I want a real CHISTmas tree for the living room.  I am hoping when Josh comes home for this weekend we can get one and trim it as a family.

The children are practicing hard for the play they are going to be in at church.  Zane has an important role and has alot of lines.  Lilly is only wishing that her Daddy can be there to see her up on the stage.  I haven't told them that he is coming home for it this weekend.. trying to surprise them.  I know they miss him so much but try and not complain.  Last Sunday after their practice at church we had a little Christmas party for the kids and volunteers.  They had a family game of Bible Bingo.  Lilly chimed out.. but my daddy is not here.. so we can't play as a family... awwww breaks your heart huh.  But we did play and she forgot quickly and when she talked to daddy on the phone she excitedly told him about the prize we had won.

I have yet to start ANY of my shopping.  I have alot of ideas and a list of who I am shopping for written at least.  Next week Josh's vacation check should be here in the mail and I am planning to do the big shopping then.  I did buy cards but I like to put pictures of the kids in them but I have yet to get any printed up or even taken a nice one to print.. it is on that list of things to do you know.  Josh says he has done some shopping for me already... and loving teasing me about it ofcourse.  He said he had to put the seats down in the back of his car to get it in and he had to lug it allllll the way up to his room.. humm what could it be?? He said it is JUST for me.. not something for the house or something for me to share.  And that is all the hints he is giving me.

Anticipation that grows around this time a year is starting to come on thickly.  I am unsure what our final plans are for Christmas or where we will be spending it but I just know what ever happens as long as we are all together as a family it will be wonderful.  I would love to have a BIG celebration at my  new house and have everyone over for a big dinner.  I am still unsure if Josh is going to be working that weekend and just have Christmas day off or not, so it is hard to make plans.  We say if he is still up there for that weekend we will go to Milwaukee and to my family there since they are only a hour away from Josh's work.. but still I really want to be home on Christmas.. opening gifts in front of my fireplace and serving the traditional cinnamon rolls in my kitchen.  I am trying to convince my sister and her girls to come down here instead of us going up there.. so we will just wait and see what happens and how it all plays out.

Another exciting thing going on is the planning of January's Silent No More Awareness Event.  January is going to be here so fast it seems and we need to nail down a plan.  There is some talk about holding it at the state's capital and maybe even getting in to see the governor.  Please keep that all in prayer for me and the ladies who are planning on speaking.


There, that wasn't sooo bad.. pretty positive : )


  1. I can't make positive plans for Christmas either this year. Whatever happens I am determined to enjoy every moment. Hope your hubby gets Christmas at home.
    Take care.

  2. I haven't started my Christmas shopping either.  I hope to get in the mood soon, I just hate the crowds.  Good to see you posting again!


  3. So nice that your hubby is romantic. Hope he can come home soon though. Merry Christma! god bless, Beckie

  4. Mary dear, God is working this all out with you ! I find when God closes one door he is preparing us for the next one He opens. God bless you and yours this Joyous
    Season in all that you are doing with the children. Josh and you will figure Christmas out together..Keep going gurl!! He's not finished with you yet..
    love ya, charlene

  5. Well, I am glad your feeling brighter!  We're doing our tree on Thursday....the kids early release day & I don't work.  (I have one present on layaway.  No others bought yet.)  God bless.  -  Barbara