Monday, December 19, 2005


Thank you friends who prayed for me yesterday.  I felt them and I know God heard them.

So why did I need the prayers in the first place you may be wondering.. well... lol..  Last Thursday I got a call from Amy M., she is my contact person for Silent No More. We have been touching base with each other about the planning for January's event(s).  But she was extra excited in this conversation.. TIME Magazine has been here and doing all the angles on the abortion issues here in MO.  Amy was one of the people they interviewed and they wanted to set up a time Sunday for the photographer to come in and take some shots.  She was inviting ME to meet at her house with some of the other ladies so the photographer could take our picture.  Needless to say that is all very exciting and nerve wracking.. MILLIONS will read this article and possible see our pictures.  Threw it all we just want God to be gloried and people's hearts and minds touched.

I think it went very well.  Since we were not at an event the photograph, Steve Liss, did not want to stage anything with the signs we normally hold, so we did a prayer circle and got on our knees holding hands praying over the events coming up and for each other and for the article being written. It really was an awesome time if just for that.. we were on our knees praying for almost two hours it seems. I hope some of the shots make it in, the one he took of Kim crying and being comforted is going to be a powerful one I think, showing the heart of the matter.. ABORTION HURTS WOMEN.  So keep that in your prayers about what shots the editors may use and also pray for the writers who will be writing the story.. it is suppose to be a balanced article showing both sides of it but we all KNOW how the media can be.  It is supposed to be out sometime in January so keep an eye on your news stands lol you may see me!



  1. How exciting!  Keep up posting when it is out.  I don't normally read time, but I will buy this one!


  2. I'm sitting here with chills all over me. What an event to be involved in. I will continue to pray for all of you and will visit the Silent No More site once the boys are in bed. :)

    God Bless you


  3. how exciting! keep me posted if you know anything about the article. i will definitely go out and buy this one!

  4. OmG Mary.  I know this is so important to you <3.  That's amazing, and I hope it's everything you want it to be and more.  I am going to buy it and frame any shot with you in it.  Does that sound psycho?! LoL, you are just so important to me - I know this is awesome for you.



  5. NOW I have to see this and have this copy I bet you did wonderful

  6. Awesome Mary. I don't usually get Time magazine so do a reminder in your journal come January so I will remember to look for it at the store.


  7. I just happened on your journal today, but  this sounds amazing.  I pray that the mag will really be objective about this!  Like you said, it will hopefully show the heart of abortion- in that it does hurt women.  Good for you!  Great for God!  I'll keep praying for you all.  Merry Christmas!  Carolyn

  8. marybea,
    girl this is so exciting.please let me know when the article comes out i want a copy of it. i hope it is everthing you want it to be. and i pray that they do a good article.
    keep me up to date.

    gwyn weyant