Thursday, December 29, 2005

And a Happy New Year..

I still have to add my pictures to my computer from over Christmas... I have plenty!  They will be coming soon. I just havnt had much time to be on the computer.  We had a wonderful Christmas and everyone seemed to of gotten just what they wanted.  I am now apart of the technology revolution and have my very own picture cell phone.  That was one of the big things Josh got me.  He tried to make me crazy too.  He would call it and it would ring under the tree.. I at first asked him if he got me a phone.. is that MY package ringing.. but he insisted I was hearing things or it was off the tv. And I am so blond... I believed him too lol. 

Now Josh is back to work.. he left Monday night so he could start Tue morning.  I feel cheated but we are planning on going up there to see him for New Years.  We will go and pick him up Saturday and drive up to Wisconsin and spend New Years Eve with our friends who live in Port Washington and then Sunday afternoon go over to my families house in Milwaukee.  Then its the drive back home... with alll the kids.  I am looking forward to doing some traveling but I wish everyone would just come to me you know.  I didn't exactly have the big home Christmas that I wanted and we went down to the In Laws for Christmas day instead of everyone coming up to our house but that is ok.. it was still nice and we are all healthy so I can't complain.

Yesterday was a pretty nerve wracking day.  I had some things to do in town and was rushing when I should of been taking it slow and easy.  I had to exchange one of the girls presents and then make a deposit and do some looking for a new/used refrigerator.  Ours is officially dead.  It acts like it is unplugged when it is turned up to the highest.  Thankfully not much is in there to go bad but still.. if only this had happen before Christmas.. I would of had the money to get the new one we had wanted.  I have never bought an appliance... that is hubby's department don't you know, so I know nothing ofcourse.  The used appliance store in town had two nice side by sides with ice makers for just around $300.  I don't think I can get away paying more then 400 for one right now.  I told Josh about them last night but he insists that I ask a guy.. any guy.. to come in with me and ask the questions that should be asked before I buy one.  And the place delivers and will take the old one away BUT they wont install it.. they only drop it off and pick up at the front door. Like I can haul ours outside and bring one in all by myself.. ugh.  And ofcourse I can't get ahold of anyone who can come over and help me pick one out and haul the old one.

So when I went to the drive thru ATM I had all that swimming around my head.  I was making a deposit and the kids in the back where being loud and fighting.  I had cars behind me.  I feel so stupid.. I drove off with my receipt but NOT my card!!!  I didn't even realize it till we were at the check out at a store.  So of course I had to call the bank ASAP and report it lost and order a new one.  It wont be here till after Monday.  That is the main way I pay for everything, credit/debit.  I don't like carring cash and I HATE writing checks and plus we are going out of town this weekend!  The lady on the phone seemed to think I could go to my branch and ask for a temporary ATM card to get me threw the weekend but I have never heard of them doing that. Have any of you??

I guess this is just one of those things that tests you.. to see if you can stay at peace and not let the little and big things frazzel you.  I know I am not going threw all this alone really, even if my husband is hundreds of miles away.. my bride groom is always here by my side to take each step with me and he always provides a way and for each need.  Lord You know the way and you know my needs.. HELP!




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