Saturday, December 10, 2005

Counting the hours to his return and getting ready for Christmas

It has been hard keeping from the girls that Daddy is coming home tonight. LOL  Zane knows and has played along.  As far as the girls are concerned their Daddy is not going to be coming home till Christmas but they miss him dearly.. as do I.  We got donuts for breakfast today and Lilly insisted we should save some for daddy but then Annie chimed in.. that would be a waste of food.. he wont be here till Christmas.  Zane and I flashed each other a knowing grin.

While the "Man of the house" is not home I must say I am proud of the little things I do that are normally what you would think of as the guy's job.  I DID get my Christmas lights up and braved the roof with out killing myself.  Ok I didn't do the VERRRY TOP of the roof like I wanted but at least I do have most of the light show that I wanted.  I will post pics soon.. promise.  I still have to take some.

Josh had said he will leave tonight around 11.. so he should be home about 5 or 6 depending on the weather and his speed.  Just enough time for him to be home in the morning and have some snuggle time and then get ready for church.  I have plenty to do today to keep me busy and occupy me till the morning.  There are a few hot spots I need to put out in the house cleaning wise.  And the children have their last rehearsal this afternoon at the church for the Christmas play tomorrow. 

I plan on going out and doing some shopping or at least looking.  Top of my list is two FlyPens and docking stations.  That is Annie and Zane's big gift this year and of course that seems to be the hot toy this year and hard to find.  I am still unsure what big gift to get Lilly and Sophia.  I have plenty of ideas but not sure what will get the BIG WOW from them.  I know in the end they all will be grateful and happy with anything they get this year as they always are.  They know it is not all about the gifts.  The biggest thing they are looking forward to is time with their Daddy.

I also have to start filling out my Christmas cards for those who I want to give at church.  After the play tomorrow the church is also having the traditional Christmas Fellowship Dinner.  That is normally when the cards are given out.  I am glad I also already bought the rolls I signed up to bring for the dinner.

And of course tonight after everyone is nestled in bed I want to take a nice longggg hot bath with a few glasses of wine and shave my legs lol (ok.. wine after I save so I don't slash myself into a bloody mess) I may even get some color to refresh my hair color.. my roots are starting to show.  I AM a natural blond but a few month ago I started coloring it lighter and once you start doing that, it is a vicious cycle to keep it up.. unless you like your top being darker then the rest lol.  I got a new body wash that smells like rose pettels, one of Josh's fav smells.  Depending on how I feel about my body I may or may not wear one of the lacy lingerie Josh bought me mail order.  I tried them on right when I got them but I was on my period and felt like a fat cow and hated how I looked in them.  Maybe now that I am not so moody I will feel better about myself and how I look in them.  And of course the new silk sheets he got for our bed are washed and ready to be put on the bed.

Ohhh Also.. the question of what happen to my CDROM and CDRW drives may be solved.  Talking with my friend who builds computers as a hobbie and who also happens to be married to a nice guy who works for Microsoft.. they say it sounds like it died.. that is a common thing or it may be something that happens on rare occasion, a loose wire on the inside.  They have offered to help and look at my computer. We have suggested a trade of sorts.. they help with the computer stuff and when Josh is home and has time he'll help with some painting they want done.  So it looks like I may be unplugging in the next few days. *GASP* I KNOW!  But if I want to get this computer ready for Christmas it is all for the best. (we are planning on giving it to the kids to put up in our loft and then around tax time getting us a new one for the office.)  Besides the last week or so I have not been on all that much because it has been so irritating. 

OK.. OFF to do work on that big list of things I just said I had to do today lol.  Hope everyone is well and is getting all ready for this busy time of year.  Miss you my friends and will catch up with you all very soon.  Also if you want a Christmas Card from me, e-mail me your address like ASAP before I my computer is unplugged and before I get finished with the cards I have.  (((HUGS)))


  1. what was hte problem with your cd write. I had a problema nd you wont be lieve what it is?????????? it is so simple and very few techs know about it. But its a weirdo problem let me know what its doing and I ll try to explain it to you if its the same as mine

  2. I'm glad your hubby will be home anytime now and have to say I feel a little envious to all the wives who'll get to cuddle with their hubbies tonight and have them home for Christmas.
    Glad you have friends who very well may be able to fix your computer.

    God Bless

  3. So very happy for you to hear that Josh is coming home!!  Sounds like the girls aren't the only ones who'll get a nice surprise.  wink,wink  -  Barbara

  4. enjoy your time with your hubby!


  5. so glad your hubby will be home soon I know how much you and the girls miss him and he misses you too hope all goes well at church tomorow sounds like fun God bless kelley

  6. Glad he is returning tonight, its hard when families have to be apart like that. Trying to get ready for chreistmas here too. Have a great weekend


  7. I hope DH is home and the two of you had a nice time together! I bet the kids were so excited to see daddy again! I dont even know what those flypens are.....the webpage didnt load correctly for me.
    Love, lisa jo