Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Anyone have the Chicken Pox??? Please come on over.

Yesterday Lilly was sent home early from school.  She had made it to almost the end of her school day (she is in an extended day reading program) but went to the nurse with a fever.  The nurse said she had 102 fever and her throut looked red and that she should be looked at by her doctor because Strep was going around the school.  UGH right! LOL  My poor baby.. no one likes to see their children sick.  Once I gave her some children's ibuprofen she perked up but wouldn't eat dinner and fell asleep on the couch.  Since we moved this summer we have not had a need to go to the doctor, we are generally healthy, so I had to find a new doctor for her still and hope they could get her in. Thankfully I found a group of pediatrician the next town over and made an appointment for today at 8:30 a.m.    A lot closer then where we used to go and better office hours! 

Lilly was hard to get up this morning but she did not have a fever.  She only wanted water, no juice or toast or anything to eat.  Before we left I hunted for the shot records to bring with me.. knowing that they like to have that on file.  We got in nice and fast.  I was still filling out paper work when we were called back but glad we didn't have to sit around in a waiting room.  Lilly went threw her exam and the doctor took a strep test that came back neg.  They took another one that takes longer and we will hear about the results tomorrow morning.  The doctor said she looked ok but the flu and colds have been going around.. if her temps are not all gone by Friday she wants to see her back in. I like that she is therarow.. normally I get the wait and see and if you have questions or concerns call and that is it.  I am relieved that it looks like she doesn't have Strep but we will know for sure tomorrow.  I hope and pray not.. having to pay for prescriptions right now (we pay upfront and get reimbursed later) would strain us even more then we are now.  The doctor recommended popsicles to the girls delight.

Nice normal doctor appointment and then she looked at Lilly's shot record. I knew what was coming next but really didn't feel like going into it with her. Our conversation went a bit like this:  She asked if her record was current..

Yep they are. 

Are you sure.. she is missing the chicken pox one.

Yes.. I know. 

Well she needs it.

No she doesn't. 

Oh? Has she had the chicken pox then?

Nope. We have opted not to get that one and if I had known sooner there would be a few other ones we would of refused too.

Oh really?  But you know it is required for kindergarten now don't you? 

No it is not.. if you have a religious wavier. 

That is true, I knew that (ya but you thought I didn't humm) (and then she gets a perplexed expression)  May I ask why you have chosen to not give her that vaccination?

It goes against my moral conscious.

Oh. (and in almost a whisper) I don't want to scare you but about 80-90 people a year die from complications due to chicken pox.. not chicken pox themselves but things like phnimonia.

Oh well.. I am not worried but thanks.

OK. Just saying. You could get her in after she is over being sick, just something to think about.

I smile and end of conversation and I kick myself for not bringing the waivier with me and a print out with the info on why I am so opposed to certain shots.  Like I said I really didn't feel like getting all into it.

But now that I am thinking about it and stewing I should of told her that killing a human life and benefitting from it is terrible and to tell the children murdered every 23 seconds that they should feel good that they are sacrificing for the greater good (sarcastic)  Or I should of asked her to tell the next person she sees with chicken pox to give me a call so we can just settle it and be over it.  It is not like she did not know there was an objection to that vaccination or others.. she didn't think I knew or didn't want me to know and kept pushing for it.  Oh well.. next time if it comes up I will be more prepared for the conversation but considering.. I think I did well.

In case you are new and wondering what in the world I am talking about, the chicken pox vaccine and a few other vaccinations, are derived from aborted fetal tissue or cells, and while some have an alternative available, as of right now the chicken pox one does not.  For some reading here is a link to an entry I had done at the beginning of last spring when this first came to my attention and here is a link to a site where you can see a list of vaccines and manufactures who make these kind of ahorrant shots and alternatives and your rights and documented evidence.





  1. I had never heard that that is where the chicken pox vaccine comes from ... just horrible.  But we had already oppted for our girls not to have them.  The nurses gave us a hard time too, but our doctor was very cool about our decision.  Good to have that piece of info to through in the nurses face next time.  *wink*


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  2. Good grief, I had no idea!  My jaw just about dropped at that one.  Thanks for the info.  I hope Lilly feels better very soon~  I had strep once, when I was about 20.  I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy!  It's totally painful!  Take care, huggs- Carolyn