Friday, January 9, 2009

A start to my series on abortion this month

Ok it is January.. time for me to talk about it since it will be the running theme for the rest of my month it seems. January is Sanctity Of Life Month, the 18th is what is known as Pro-Life Sunday and this month is also the anniversary of Roe Vs Wade. If any of you know me long enough you know my history and my strong views on abortion. I used to have a great webpage with my testimony and a memorial but was unable to transfer them when AOL shut down it's free webpages.

I was 15 when I had my abortion. I can't go into the devastation that so called choice has brought upon my life and keep it to a short post (I will go digging in my archives soon and do some re posting) But I tell you what, I miss that child ever so much and can't wait to see her when I get to Heaven. And my other children miss that sibling they never got to know too. January is the month I allow myself to grieve over who I have come to call Beautiful (named after the temple gates where in Acts the beggar was healed in the Name Of Jesus). She would be just over 16yrs old now, a big sister, and God only knows what else she would of accomplished in this world if she had been given a chance at life.

I know the Lord has brought me a long way in the healing process, so much so that I can publicly talk about it and on occasion be down at the clinics praying and talking with girls with other pro-life friends. For some, if not most women who have gone threw an abortion it is a word, an experience they can't even utter under their breath much less talk about openly. For me, ever since God brought to surface that deep wound, it is a subject I can't seem to get away from... he attracts some interesting ppl into my life and in some way or another he uses little ol me to show others how abortion hurts women, they deserve better and there IS help, hope and healing threw Jesus Christ. Women need compassion and love who have gone threw an abortion or warned before they go into this life altering direction

It is not something I ask to do, but God brings opportunities and what can I do.. say NO I don't want to Lord, use some one else Lord, How can I when I am not all together Lord? NO... because he gets the Glory for it when he uses people who are not the greatest yet enables them to be used where they have been hurt the most. This is why normally January I am all prayed up, armour on and ready to go. Yet this year I am startled, caught off kilter and not sure how or why he could possibly think I am in a place to do his will. Yet everywhere I go this month I know it will come up. Like yesterday at lunch with a friend. Some one overheard our conversation and had to join in. I'm used to that lol but my friend is not and was a bit miffed at the interruption. Here we were lamenting about some men situations and it came up about a girl she knew who asked her advice and didn't follow it and now is on the path to hurting over her decision, and then we got into our own stories a bit.. twilight.. huh that I don't think would help me forget every detail that haunts me or the before and after. And this women two tables behind us chimes in.. lol. guess we were being loud or some how gave her an invitation to join.. still an interesting conversation.

So just fair warning, this month if I have the will and time, expect more posting on this subject. Writing helps me prepare and get out what is in my head. I have been asked to be a guest speaker on the 18th for two services at a friend's church. I am not sure how I am going to be able to do it this month.. but I know I will and HE will give me strength some how.


  1. I would really prefer not to comment on this one in any way, I just wish you well.

  2. thanks jeannette.. i know its a sensitive topic and many ppl would prefer to stay out of it.. I just can't. Thanks for the well wishes.
    Much love

  3. I'll be in prayer for the testimonials you will be giving this month! Please let us know how it goes. You have a beautiful testimony and God can work through it.

  4. I was very interested in this entry. I did some research on Roe and Wade a while back and read all the particulars through again trying to get in mind all that is involved. I am just hoping now that Obama will not get to the Freedom of Choice Act very soon as he promised he would during the campaign. He has been surprisingly more even handed than I expected in his attitudes, but I have been very concerned about how he is going to handle the abortion issue. I have been thinking more and more about how the holocausts strain the heavens with all the deaths. I try to picture just what it means to have millions being sent to their deaths before they are even born. It is a daunting thing to think about. Just wrapping your mind about what could happen when a large number of people are persuaded that this policy is not only acceptable but necessary. I will be very interested in your series and will be checking back to see what you write, as I know this is a very difficult issue. I mentioned it and other causes I work for in my latest video series on watching the Golden Globes. Hollywood of course tries to ignore such tough issues like the plague. I am talking about the price people pay who do fight for the cause, but every single person who elects to stand up against the killing policy is going to help to stem the red tide in some way, for I really do believe that conviction persuades and all people of conviction need to express themselves as much as they can. People of conviction take heart from one another.