Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why do I have to have teenagers already?

I have four children (5 when I include Beautiful). Zane is 14, Annie will be 12 in March, Lilly 9 in March and Sophia is 7. I wanted, but you know we never get what we want, two boys and only ONE girl.. so the two big bros could look out for little sis right. LOL Yes God does have a sense of humour and saw fit to give me only one son and the poor guy is followed by 3 sisters. Ya the boys are out numbered around here.

If truth be told I didn't want girls at all for the simple fact of what kind of teenager I was and my mom always swearing that Grandparent's Curse on me. I wasn't THAT bad (I could of been worse) but was called The Wild Child a time or two. I don't know how I am going to deal with 3 little Mary's running around . Well.. to be honest my children are not so much like me in that way.. not yet. Josh and I have tried our best up till now to do it right so they will NOT be like us, give them rules and boundaries, pour love and family time into them and direct them to the Lord and keep them naive as possible of worldly things. I can't tell you how many people love these kids and think the world of them. I have been told Sophia IS my clone and IS going to be the wild one that WILL give me all the trouble (and I guess with our theme song being She's Got The Look by Roxette what can I expect. YES WE HAVE A THEME SONG LOL) . But today I am lamenting about my budding teenagers.

Last night Annie went to the Dare Dance. It is a big deal around here since we are so rural and there is not much for kids to do around here. Once a month the Dare Officers put on dances for 5th and 6th graders and another one separate for the Middle School. Last year Annie went to her first one and I cried as I dropped her off, another milestone. My main concern was that if she goes she actually has friends to hang out with not just standing by her self the whole time. She is my shy one, the quiet one, the introvert and hasn't really brought friends home are talked on the phone much yet. Oh how that is all about to change I think. The only thing I told her when I dropped her off last night was to have fun and to stay away from those country boys because they are trouble.

When I went to pick her up she ran out.. saying bye to a boy that I didn't even glance at. As we walked to the van she told me.. MOM I slowed danced.. TWICE! She was beaming and blushing, proud and nervous all at the same time. A boy named Austin she hung out with most of the night. Oh and don't you know he has a cell phone and asked if she was on ATT too so he could call her. Why can't she have a cellphone.. why she gotta wait till she is 13? LOL She said they were teased most of the time by ppl asking if they were going out and tring to take their pics.. but she said she had to get them to delete the pics and even knocked some one's phone out of their hands so they would (the girl is quiet but can be mean when she has too, she hates to be teased and I can see her getting into some fights down the road). I am so glad she had a good time but somehow this makes me feel soooooooooooooooooo OLD. Not fair! Now I have to go and have a "talk" with her about boys and kissing and all that fun junk.

Then my Son.. the boy with all the secret girl friends. I finally did get him to admit he had at least 3 girlfriends in the last year. He does talk to alot of girls.. "as friends" because he attracts all the drama mommas and he hasn't learned yet that sometimes girls do things just to keep boys attention. When we asked him what it meant these days to be "going out" with some one he really couldn't explain it.. ya just are. Big ol eye roll here @@ I did tell him he has to start watching out for Annie and be a nicer big brother then he has been. Ya he took that well lol.

Kissing is upper persuasion for lower invasion.. Thanks Rachel for that tidbit. We have taught our children about purity and how really dating should be only when you are ready to look for a spouse, and sex is so special it should be only shared with your husband or wife. Up until now it has been easy and they have been pretty receptive to that teaching. But it doesn't help when the world is encouraging bad behavior and secular friends are LAUGHING at me when I tell them our philosophy. I know I can't keep my babies from growing up.. I can try and delay it a bit maybe.. but really we want only good for them and to keep them from the heart break of some of the mistakes we have made. Isn't that what all parents want?


  1. Thanks for stopping by to visit and comment. I will be reading your Blog alot more often now. I think that we may have much in common, sister in Christ!

    Tom S
    Disabled Vietnam Vet: 68-70.
    Wisconsin.... Brrrr!

  2. Hello, glad to see you posting again. Am going back in your blog to catch all entries as new posts did not appear on your journal on my blog list. Gerry

  3. I went back to my blog and discovered you were not yet on my front page blog list. I remember now I did not put your blog there because you had not posted for a while. I just did this a while back. So I put you there today as you begin your series, so my readers will have easier access to it.