Saturday, January 3, 2009

Holiday Hangover.. if this is 2009 lets just jump to '10

First off.. thanks to those who left comments and e-mails about my last post (I know it's been awhile).

I'll have pics of Christmas uploaded later, most likely to my MySpace if you want to see. As always the kids got just about everything they asked for (because they can be so easy sometimes) and I have to well up with gratitude for our Santa this year. We had not planned anything but one family gift to give and some sweet friends from Church went ahead and played Santa for us.

I wasn't even going to put up a tree.. but broke down because apparently the kids were going around crying about it to everyone we know how I am such a Grinch and there was going to be no Christmas this year lol. I just soooo was not in the spirit this year and I am soooooooooooo glad the Holidays are OVER.

I did get some nice things for Christmas.. gift certificate to Ann's to get me new bras (I'v lost so much weight and the girls have shrank), A very nice bracelet with 1Corinthians 13:13 theme (Faith Hope Love) some one wants me to have a reminder on my wrist I guess, a few Christian books, more bee themed art from Audra and the last and greatest... well let's just say I can't post pics and it is more for me and Josh and it was very painful.. it involves body jewelry and I'll leave it at that.

Is it just me.. it is only 3 days into 2009 and it is already crazy.. can you feel it??? The heart of men are growing colder, war in Israel, a Socialistic system is getting set up in America, almost EVERYONE I know is on hard times and families are being strained to the limit (mine included). I know what all it means.. and you would think it would make me run.. not walk but run closer to my God. I know he is there.. arms wide open.. waiting for this rebellious teenager of his to come home. But friends if I am going to be honest.. and I want to be since I call this my OPEN Journal, I am going just a bit off my rocker lately.. reasons too many to call out here.. a book deal is in the making (jk maybe). My fear is I am going to be in that category of people the Bible talks about.. hearts growing hard and that passage where the Lord says, I NEVER knew you, has always made me turn white. Am I questioning my salvation?? In a way maybe.. but I know deep down, with out a shadow of a doubt I am a daughter to the KING, I know my Lord and Savior, I know the Holy Spirit lives with in me.. I just forget sometimes because I have not been in communion like I should be and I have always had peaks and valleys in my walk. If I was not marked or set apart as his, would I even be having this conversation and wondering these things?

I don't want to be all gripping in this post.. I am happy for my sister who is now preggers (not fair) and I hope my mom and sis can get past what ever is going on with them (it makes me sad). I did get a nice letter from my brother in Prison, reminder to self.. write back and send him pics. Josh's mom has yet to call us and we are worried about her and the rest of Christmas had some real nice family stress on that side but we got past it I think.

And my most exciting but maybe a a bit worrisome news... Mary is now in a size 10!!! I need to get some full size pics of me and my new figure. Yes I am going to say it.. I look H O T! LOL A bit of exercise to firm up and I would be really FINE. (as if) Not that it matters and I don't want to draw too much of the wrong kind of attention. I made a really bad joke last week, I was sporting a T-shirt that was too tight before for me to wear but now is very loose and I told Josh "I may be dying of cancer but dang I look good". Josh did not find that funny at all and I told him if he was soooooo concerned about it he should make me a doc appointment. I am too busy and he has time on his hands with being laid off. The shocker is he actually DID make me one! Monday afternoon I have an appointment for a full physical and women's health exam.. blood work and all that fun junk. And I am going to have that conversation about my PMS I am sure I am fine, maybe a bit low on some vitamins and stuff (I have started taking a daily F.Y.I.) I am sure I am more healthy with out the weight then with it but it has been a bit concerning to my friends and family and hopefully this will calm some peoples fears about me. I'll keep ya posted.

I hope all my friends and readers had a great Christmas and New Years and I wish for many blessings to you all in this next year. Just remember, this too shall pass : )


  1. I am glad that you are going to be going to the dr.'s and having everything all checked out! I pray that everything is just fine and that you can enjoy being HOT! I hope your 2009 is wonderful. Linda

  2. First off Mary, it cracks me up that you call them your girls- that's what Michael calls mine! Lol- I do hope everything is OK with the doc appointment, and I think it's sweet that Josh made you an appointment.
    As for your spirtitual walk right now,I can identify with some of your thoughts- the same verse makes me sweat! I know too that I am His child, but I also know thereis much I could do to make Him happy and not be disappointed. Still the idea that He may tell me He doesn't know me- OH I couldn't imagine!! Keep reading and talking to Him Mary, that's what I've been doing, even especially during my really bad depression lately and it is helping. I should say He is helping. Without that bit of faith and hope I hold onto, I would be running crazy with the times being they are. It's a horrible world sometimes, but I thank God He is always in control! God Bless you Mary. Have a good week and be well.

  3. Hi Mary... I really love the picture of you with the Santa Hat! That is too cool! So glad ya'll had a great Christmas and yes, me too... I am glad it's over and that 2008 is over and we can all get on with a new year and better things. The world sure is having a lot of trouble... and I am hoping we, the King's children, can get through this all without too much trouble and just walk in the grace He is giving us. All the same I'm going to stock up on flour and sugar and rice and things that will last a long time in case things get any worse. Another half million lost jobs last month. Sigh.

  4. I like the photo of you with the Santa hat, and was interested in catching up with you and your husband and family through the holidays. I have been wondering how you were. Your blog did not show new entries on my blog list. I wonder why. But I have been checking those on my list to see if they have posted and I found you had come back to the world of blogging. I hope you have got a handle on your PMS but am glad you have a doctor's appointment, too. Gerry