Thursday, January 22, 2009


I think some one is messing with me.. its not cute, I have enough crazy in my life. STEP OFF SATAN!

I have been pretty lax with my e-mail so I have just about over 400 of them sitting there but I browse threw them when I can and try and read the personal ones and skip the dozen or so lists I am subscribed to. This week I noticed all of a sudden I am getting welcome e-mails from and Huggies, and Babynetwork and the such.. like DOZENS of these in the last few days. And I am not just talking a generic greeting but with my full name and sometimes my home address for confirmation. The first one I opened was one about due date calculator and stages of pregnancy... I have to tell you the truth, my heart wretched and sank as far as it could. And just now one about how my baby is now 3weeks old and how to deal with the sleep deprivation. If you remember I have been going threw baby craving badly lately and I have just about reconciled the fact that I am having no more (although embryo adoption perked my ears when I heard about it on the radio the other day). And I am having all sorts of emotions springing with this being the big week for Pro-Life events... the worst time for anyone to EVEN JOKE about me and babies! I am crying at the drop of a hat.. hormones in part likely but THIS does not help what so ever. I would like to assume the best but it feels like a very cruel slap right now. I have questioned the kids to see if they signed up on accident on lists or entered my e-mail on any webpages.. ofcourse they didn't and never would with out permission first but the only pregnant person I know personally is my sister who is 5months along and she would never use my address for anything. She lives in a whole other State. I just find the whole thing messed up and crap that I have to unsubscribe to all these e-mail list about a sensitive subject right now, that I have no clue how I got on!!

If that was it, ok what ever but things are getting strange. My cell was cut off two days ago and I am going threw major withdrawals.. I depend so much on my phone and helps me feel connected and available if anything happens to the kids while I am at work. I don't have a work number I can be reached at... I am all over the place for work and my cell is MORE than a convenience to me. Likely the cells wont get back on till next week if we can pay the bill. I NEVER give my home phone # out for work until now and even then it was to only 3 people, trusted people. When I got home today on my answering machine was a message for a lady saying she had a message to call _insert boss's name_ at this number and how disappointed no one was available, she really needs to make an appointment.. she talked with _boss's name_ and would like a call back. and left her number. It matched up with the name and number on the caller ID. I can't even go into all the ins and outs but that is NOT how things are done and it was very off. My number is no where near the office number, not even the same area code or county. Ofcourse I right away called my boss asking if she knew this lady and what she was talking about, did I miss something and all that. My boss had NO CLUE what or who I was talking about and said she would NEVER give my home number out like that and that I should disregard it, maybe some one got confused. OK I can understand clients getting confused, I work with elderly people but SOME ONE gave this person my number and how ironic that it's my private home number. Call me paranoid maybe but I just don't like it nor appreciate it!

I am seriously getting weirded out!


  1. I find this strange. I have just noticed that beside my gmail e-mails links will appear pertinent to the subject I am writing about mainly in e-mails to my sister as though someone was reading all these e-mails, but so far I have not received any e-mails pertinent from anyone. I don't like anything that indicates a lack of privacy, plus I have lost the AOL e-mail version that had all my e-mail addresses and they re not coming up anymore, but fortunately I had transferred the addresses I use to gmail and they are coming up over there. I only send what you would call alert to a new video series but don't send alerts otherwise. However, with your private number it looks like something has been tapped into, cell phone info or something, so maybe that is the cause of a breach of privacy. No, you sure don't need this aggravation. Sorry. Gerry

  2. This is my first visit here, & I came here from Tom's journal. I'm an AOL "evictee" myself. I am now following your journal, & I would like to invite you to follow mine. I'm looking forward to your comments & thoughts there!

    About the odd e-mails you're getting - you don't have to sign up to get them to get them (odd syntax!!!) If you have a grocery store discount card, for example, your purchasing habits are recorded in that companies database. Advertising is sent to you depending on what you purchase most often. Giving a few cents discount is the incentive they use to get your information. During the sign up process, if an e-mail address is required, expect spam, again based on the types of items you purchase most often. This saves the company untold expenses on advertising costs. That's just one possible source most don't think about. This is why I have a "junk e-mail" address that I use only for this purpose. That way, this mess doesn't get sent to my "real" e-mail address.

    Companies are also able to obtain a lot of your personal information from various & sundry databases, such as family information, again to do targeted advertising. There is no such thing as privacy anymore. All your information is stored in computer databases in many places, places that we couldn't even imagine. There are many ways the information is gathered.

    As a law enforcement officer, I've posed the question why do I have to get a subpoena to get such information on someone I'm attempting to locate, but companies have free & open access without our consent. A cell telephone company's law enforcement assistance division couldn't answer that question.

    I'm so sorry it's been so upsetting & traumatic for you. We certainly don't need more government regulations & laws, but if they want to do something really helpful, there oughta be a law where companies have to have our consent to share information with other companies . . . just like it used to be.

    One more thing - those so-called "privacy statements"? They're nearly all BALONEY!!! LOL

    As for the rogue telephone call - maybe someone just had a wrong number. After years of having the same number, we still get them ourselves. But, I think Gerry's thoughts on it are closer to what happened. Again, no such thing as privacy anymore regardless of what their "privacy statements" say.

    I hope you can have a very blessed Friday & weekend!


  3. Thanks Dirk for the info and for stopping by! I am aware of lists and such people get on.. I threw the biggest fit when my hubby got one of those grocery discount cards from our local store for one of those reasons. BUT my youngest child is going on 8yrs old.. I have not bought anything baby in a VERY long time.. so that is not part of my shopping habits, not enough to get on dozens of lists like that.

  4. i would also be upset about both things...the emails and the private home #. There is SO much info about each of us out there....and i have no answers but maybe there is a plausible explanation how that lady was able to call you. I know it is hurtful to get stuff about babies....i am always the 1st one to believe there is some huge conspiracy but in your case, i pray there is not. I love your quote "STEP OFF, SATAN"!
    LOVE to you

  5. Hi Mary,
    And thanks for the great, insightful comment on 'Tom's Journal'! You sound very stressed and I can understand why. If you ever need any help or just want to visit, just email me:
    We already have a lot in common with you living in WI for a while.

    People just can't understand how I relate all the woes of the U.S. stupid racial politics and goofy 'bail outs' that will NOT help us get back to being solvent and stable as a nation-- but I am HAPPY and joyful, because as a serious student of the Bible and follower of Jesus Christ, I KNOW what will and MUST happen in the near future. All the promised Bible events are unfolding in front of our eyes but the vast majority of the world "can't see it" because they don't have the Holy Spirit to help them "see."
    God Bless you and your family!

    Warm Regards,
    Tom S
    Brrrrr, WI.

  6. Just deleted my comment by accident- but in remembering what I wrote, it's probably for the best ;-) Sorry Mary that things are still yucky for you. I'm glad Dirk has come to visit your blog- he's a great guy. I looked at the pictures of you posted first- you are such a pretty lady Mary! I wish I looked half as good! God Bless. As soon as I pull myself together, I will be writing another post about the leaders who are moving us to a world government. This financial crisis is just the tipping point. God Bless MAry- love Carolyn