Sunday, January 1, 2006

Did you make it to Midnight?

Our grand plans of travel fell threw for this weekend.  Josh ended up working both Saturday AND Sunday so I decided to just stay home instead go all that way and not even see him. Needless to say I was in a major funk and sad because I was really looking forward to this trip, not only to see Josh but to see our friends and family in Wis.

I was able to catch Neil Diamond on TV performing Cherry Cherry.. of course I had to call my mom and make sure she was watching too lol and she was. From what I did see of Dick Clark's Rocking around the Clock and what I did see of Dick.. this may very well be his last year.  He looked and sounded so sad, you certainly could tell he had to really work at speaking clearly. Yep it is an end of an erra.  I stayed up most of the night in my room watching sappy movies like "You've Got Mail" (never had seen it before) and "Sleepless In Seattle".  The girls passed out around 10 but Zane made sure everyone was up at 12 to YELL HAPPY  NEW YEAR to everyone.

Josh called me at 12 from a crowed bar that his coworkers had "dragged" him out to.  Glad at least he wasn't alone on the New Year.  I think what added to my poor spirit was I was feeling FAT for like 2 days and seeing all these diet commercials did not help my self esteem any either and then walla.. I started my period.. that explains so much lol.

I decided to let the kids sleep in today and skip church.  We are just now getting all ready and cleaned up to go down to my In Laws.  Annie spent most of the break over there and it is time for her to come home.  We will eat dinner over there and bla bla bla lol then I am coming right home.  You know I don't like to drive after dark either "  }

So what is your goals for this New Year??  I don't normally make any because of course no one ever sticks to them but it is nice to think and reflect about the past year and see what you could of done better or improved on.  One of my long distance family member has said we should make a resolution to keep closer contact together and not let so much time go by with out talking to each other.  That is a nice one and I think I can stick to that.  BUT if ANYONE says to me one more time.. "If Only You Lived Closer"  I think I will scream.  This is where we live now ppl.. learn to live with it because it is not changing anytime soon.  I make the effort to go and visit ppl and talk to ppl.. but how often do people make the effort to come and see us and visit with us??   <end of rant>

May this year be a blessing to each of you and may you grow in leaps and bounds in both your walk with God and in your relationships with others.  That is my prayer this year for myself and for all my family and friends. : )  As you can see God is still working on me and has alot of work to do.


  1. I saw dick also...Yes it was sad I was surprized he even did it...
    Donna In TEXAS

  2. Hi friend. hope your New Years gets better.
    Yes, dick Clrk looked and sounded awful. So sad. Have a good day! God bless, Beckie

  3. Praying you and Josh get to spend much more time together in 2006 and enjoy a year filled with blessings!  -  (I stayed up until 5:00am!!!  Don't tell anyone.)  -  Barbara

  4. My period started today on the 1st day of the year. Give me a break. Ugh.
    I am sorry you and your DH werent together on the 31st. I know how that is. I was asleep. I have no life. LOL            I watched Regis, a little bit. I didnt see Dick Clark.
    Love, lisa jo

  5. I hope your New Year is bright and happy and that God grants you every wish especially spending more time with your hubby.  Heres hoping you and your family have a happy healthy and safe year ahead!
    It's always like spending time with a friend when I stop by your journal.
    God Bless,

  6. I made it, yeah!!! Watched the ball drop in NY on tv too I hope you have a blessed 2006 sweety!