Saturday, June 10, 2006

Day 1.. hoo-hoo Hoodia

I am not one who is obsessed with her weight or anything.. but I do like it when my clothes fit well.  I have a whole stack of size 14 in my closet that a friend gave me.. I was ALMOST at a 16 and thought I was on my way to fitting into them.. that was around Christmas.  I haven't been dieting or exercising or any of the good things you are supposed to do.. guess that is why I am still stuck in 18's.  And the scale! HA.. I don't do scales.. the last time I got the courage up to step on the one Josh insisted on putting in our bath room it read: Error Error.. I saw that as a sign that I just didn't really need to know.

Yesterday morning I had to take Sophia to school and get her a lunch to take with her.  We ran into Wal-Mart and got a lunchable for her and went rushing to get out at the check out.  And wouldn't you know it.. they had 10-DAY Hoodia Diet as an endcap.  I have been thinking and reading about Hoodia for a bit now.. and know one or two ppl who take it.  I gave in to my better judgment and picked a box up. 

I know my appetite is not all the problem.. shoot I hardly eat anyway.. dinner is my main meal and that may be one of my major probs.  But I also know I need to exercise and cut out the soda and make water have a come back in my daily intake of fluids.  But maybe this Hoodia diet can help me kick start. 

SOME ONE drank my LAST Diet Pepsi before I could get to it.. gurrrrrrrrrrrr.. and we are sooooo broke this week so I guess I don't really have a choice anyhow LMBO.

I did just take a stab at the bathroom scale.. not exactly happy with what it says.  I don't look or feel like I weight 200. Yes that is what the ******* thing said!  I am only putting what it said here for future refferances.. motivation. In 10 days or so I will go back to the scale and see if there is any difference in what it says.  I am sure just drinking water and not soda will make a bit of difference but let's see what happens when we throw Hoodia into the mix.

I took 2 gel tabs at 10 a.m. I was real hungry and was going to eat some breakfast.  The box recommends not exceeding 3 tabs and to take them before a meal with a full glass of water.  I got side tracked and haven't eaten yet but I am still a bit hungry.. not overly hungry but still could use something to eat.

Going to refill my water glass and maybe munch on an orange.  Please no lectures or wise cracks!



  1. I know exactly what you mean about the clothes not fitting right. That is my battle now. Since my broken ankle I gained over 20 pounds and my clothes just don't fit. I heard a little about these pills. I will have to check them out. I wish you well.
    Take Care,

  2. Hubby is dieting here and has noticed a big difference when he traded the diet sodas for water.  Something about the fake sweetener in diet sodas actually stimulating a person's cravings?  I can't really remember, but he said it's helped him.


  3. Good luck with the Hoodia hun! :-)

    ~ Susan

  4. I have been taking Hoodia and they do work but you may have an upset stomach. Good luck!

  5. Now why would we be anything but encouraging?!  Good luck on the weight loss.

  6. Hoodia is an interesting substance. It is one of the few herbal remedies for which there is sound evidence of efficacy. It really does work, as opposed to, say, Echincea, or Glucosamine, which have proven to be totally ineffective. However, be aware of what you are buying. A recent study showed that several of the most popular diet supplements sold in the USA claiming they had Hoodia in them, actually had none of the herb present when tested. make sure what you are buying actually has some Hoodia in it.

  7. if you're looking for a real hoodia product with great results check out Powerslim.  I found this company's message board and it sure looks like their customers are having good results.
    good luck!