Friday, June 23, 2006

No one respects my stuff!!! Word of the day HOOSIERS!!!!

I love my children, I really do. But I am soooooooo pissed!!!  Another one bites the dust.. digital camera that is.  This is the second one that one of the kids have broken!!  First Sophia kills my digital videocam.  I don't think I will ever be able to get it fixed... and I sure wish I could watch  and edit the minDV's I had taken.  And now Lilly messed up the new digital camera Josh had gotten me to replace it that took video clips. 

What did I say when I got it.. loud and very clear and made them repeat.. This IS MOMMY'S and they are NOT allowed under any circumstances to touch it!

I was out in the yard the other day with Sophia.  I was in a bit of shock that one out of the three rose bushes I planted was actually thriving and getting ready to bloom.  I was so happy that I didn't kill them all and wanted to take a quick before picture before the bulbs opened up.  Sophia agreed that was a great idea but then said "But Lilly broke the camera mom"  I thought she was kidding, that she was doing that sibling thing trying to get Lilly in trouble or saying the last time I took a pic of Lilly she broke it with her goofy face lol and went in to get my camera.  The wind let out of my sails when I couldn't find it and I yelled for both Lilly and Sophia to come HERE.

Lilly knew exactly where the camera was.. because she had hid it under the green recliner!  It was bad enough that she broke it but to hide it.. that helped to light my fuse all the more (plus being on my period didn't help)  Apparently she was trying to take pics the other morning and when she went to turn it off.. she pushed the lens in.. jamming it!  Now it won't turn on at all and is basically a really EXPENSIVE paper weight!!!!!!!!!!  I tried not to explode on them.. and sent them to their rooms until I could calm down.

I did have a glimmer of hope because I remembered the day Josh brought it home.  It was after we got our taxes and he proudly gave it to me saying happy late Birthday and Valentines Day.  He had purchased the extended warranty on it and quoted the salesmen saying that if the kids did happen to break this one it was covered.  But do you think I put all that paper work in a safe handy place?? HA! I would take a pic of my unpacked, unorganized office/den but umm.. no camera.  Josh called the electronics store (Circuit City) he purchased it from and they referred him to an 800 number.  He told them he had dropped it and now it wont turn on. And they in turn told him the agreement he bought didn't cover that, it was only for normal wear and tear. WTF!  So not only did my kids break my camera.. my husband got SOLD.. I HATE it when sales ppl lie!  I am insisting he take it in anyways and be a bit more forceful.  It is a fricking $300 camera plus the extra he paid for the useless warranty.. ugh!!!!!

If it was just the camera I may not be so pissed.  But it has been a build up.  The dog ate.. yes ATE.. four pairs of shoes this week.  Lilly & Sophia's sandals, my tennies and my Favorite PAIR of sandals.  For a few days there I was wearing Annie's flip flops because I didn't have any shoes.  I bought a new pair yesterday and JUST caught the dog chewing on them.  Do you think she would understand if I spanked her if I caught her in the act of doing it???   And the kids can't seem to understand that if they don't put their dvd's away in the loft that the dog WILL chew on the cases and the disks! The dog also chewed up Zane's Boy Scout book because he didn't put it away!

The hall closet door is broke.. some one took it off it's tracks and bent the metal track holding it in place.. thus the dog can get in there and play in the shoes and chew to her delight!

And.. some one dropped a penny into the garbage disposal (it was me but it was an accident and should of been easy to get out but it wasn't and it jammed everything up) and it took Josh 3 days to get motivated to fix it (who told me that recliner was a bad idea??? LOL)

Some reason the kids don't get the concept of ONLY eating and drinking in the kitchen.  We need to clean the carpets AGAIN.

They keep going in my room.. watching tv in there and tearing up my bedroom and littering it with their pillows and sheets and toys. And they won't keep the dog out and she likes to drop turds in my closet!!

The cat chewed up the speaker cords for my computer and now I have to jiggle it to get sound.

The remotes to almost all the tv's are trashed, backs missing.. and need new batteries.

I am living with a bunch of HOOSIERS!!! (and for those of you who don't know.. Hoosier is slang in MO for white trash or ignorant people.. don't look at me I didn't make it up, and YES I know.. it also describes some one from Indiana lol humm wonder what the correlation is there LMBO)

I am getting sick of all my stuff being ruined.  I am not miss money bags that can afford to replace stuff on a whim.  And it is not fair!  Is this that stupid Grandparent's Curse rearing it's ugly head.. geee thanks MOM.. some how I know she is laughing her butt off and shaking her head yes!!!


  1. Oh my goodness, ok I'd be furious about the camera too and really ticked at Circuit City and would also be very FORCEFUL in them giving me what I wanted! I really, really am praying next week is a much better week for you, the camera, and the shoes!
    Oh I think I'd have beat the dog with the shoe! :X \


  2. Love ya bunches Mary, but I gotta tell you I am, and always have been, proud to be a Hoosier, born and raised in this beautiful farm countryside of Southern Indiana.

    I had no idea people in Missouri felt that way about us, although I have heard the "Who's Your (Hoosier) Daddy?" joke probably one time too often.

    I ain't the brightest bulb in the pack, but then again I ain't the dimmest!  LOL!


  3. lol ok I was the one who said the recliner was a bad idea.........or if i didn't say it i thought it, sorry josh but i know how hubbies can be with a chair like that. now for the cam......ugh i guess thats why i don't have one, God probably knows my kids would join him sooner than He planned. as for the dog and the shoes, i know some will say its cruelity, but the way i broke jackie was i spanked her with the shoes. not hard enoguh to hurt her, but hard enough that she didn't like it.

    sending blessings and love,

  4. Oh man, I have been there.  The only difference is that my kids aren't old enough to just go get the camera.  But the dog chewing things up...oh yeah.
    sorry it is so yucky right now.  
    Get Circuit City.  I hate that store.

    I agree with the others smack the dog on the nose and tell her how bad she is. then tie her in the yard for a while and dont pay any attention to her. when you bring her in  make her stay in her spot and dont play with her for  a while then make up with her and let her know you still love her. it might work   (right!!! lol)
    Its a shame about your cameras and hopefully you can find the papers. but do go in and talk to them sternly maybe write to corperate office.
    is it the grandparents curse???? who knows maybe  but your still loved and you will overcome this and still love your family too. Having kids is wonderful and if you survive them growing up well its a job well done. you will get through it lol
    MOM   roflmao  again and again and agan  
    Oh thank you for the chuckle of the day lol

  6. I sympathize!  Thank God, my things are usually flashlights.....can't keep one for myself.  Not nearly as expensive.   -  Barbara