Sunday, June 25, 2006

Today it starts..

the next four months of Josh working out of town.  He packed up his car and left just a bit ago.  He said he will be back for the 4th Of July, it's only a week but I know it will be a short stay and back out he will go.  The next two jobs are big deals and good money with lots of over time... yet they take him away from us.  Will it be worth it?

So far my sanity is only frayed by just a few threads at the seems and my right eyes twitching isn't that bad but I was crazy like that before he left.  Don't worry.. I won't become all unraveled, I have a few things that help keep me from coming all undone.  Journal.. you are one of them : )

I know when my husband is home I almost all but abandon my online friends.  I know most of them understand and I will get caught up with all my blog hopping.. it is what keeps me warm at night and away from an empty bed.  That and friendly games of Scrabble with the girls " )

This is the last week of summer school.  All four of the kids will be at home all day when it is over.  I better enjoy the silence while I can.

Also I have to plan and get the house in shape for August.  Josh's sisters and their family are coming out for a week and his mother.  We are really looking forward to it.  Can't remember the last time we were all together.  Hoping maybe it can also be a congratulation celebration for Zane getting on Jeopardy (and no we still haven't heard anything from them) or a big good bye party for Josh since he will be leave early September for far away places.  Either way it will be a good time.

When the money starts to come back in I need to find a nice hide away bed couch (two if possible, one for the living room and one for the loft) and we are in desperate need of lamps.  I am also trying to think of some small projects I can do to keep myself busy and maybe let the kids help with.  I have promised myself that once I get the laundry room all squared away (all the laundry done haha) I will do something in there, paint the shelves or the walls.. something.  I'd also like to do some more with the yard.. but my thumb is brown.. not green LOL.  I think some party lights for the canopy will be cute if I can find some I like.  I did put a humming bird feeder out and have been getting visits from the tiny birds that are so cute (wish I could take pics of them.. gurr)

My efforts (not diet lol) kind of went out the window when we had the BBQ last week.  Since then I have not been very conscious of what I take in and have gone back to soda.  I haven't had the money to buy more Hoodia.  But today I will start over and keep trying.. plugging away.  My one friend who dropped ALOT of weight told me she mainly did it by cutting out soda, bread and white sugar.  She started getting that Splenda sugar blend for her cooking and baking. OMG>> it is soooo expensive though!  And didn't I read some where Sacrine is in those sugar substitutes and that helps to cause cancer?? Correct me if I am wrong.  Ofcourse I still smoke so I really can't say I am all that conscious of cancer causing agents. (one thing at a time)  I did tease Josh saying that by the time he comes home I will have us all eating soy products LOL.  No one thought it was funny but me.  Why does everyone wrinkle their nose at things made with soy?  Yes new things are scary.. anyone like that new soy milk, Silk?  I think the commercials with the cows drinking it are so stupid.

Pray for me! I think I am going to really need a lot of prayer this summer.



  1. Mary you are in my prayers and Josh as well!  -  Barbara

  2. Splenda's been found to be one of the worst if not THE worst sugar rats tested there have been all kinds of problems, not just cancer, but it's horrible for diabetes, etc. If you're going to use anything, use just real sugar it's so much better for you. If God made it, it's a 100% better than anything man made.

    Soy's actually not good for you either. It's also a man made product and not very good for us. Fresh fruits and veggies are some of the easiest and best ways to lose weight and truly get healthy and just cutting down on the meats, breads, etc. Making a huge salad as your true main course, a nice fruit salad, then a "side" of meat and a carb.

    God Bless

  3. I have to agree with Christy.  Soy acts a lot like estrogen in your body.  Too much estrogen (like anything else) can cause problems.  And if you look, there is soy in everything!  Drink water.  Now I need to go practice what I preach!  LOL

  4. hello friend sounds like you will be keeping yourself busy when i lost alot of weight i cut back suger too and walked alot because my car was down but it does do the trick and when i was pregant with my last daughter i had gestional diabities so i had to cut suger and i was losing weight which the dr did not like during pregancy but what could i do lol have you ever read family fun mag they have it online too with lots of fun things to do with the kids from cooking to crafts to fun b-day and party ideas you might try to get some idease of wht to do with kids home in the summer if you was closer i would come and help with the house and let all our kids play i will be keeping you in my prayers God bless kelley

  5. Since my MIL and FIL started using Splenda, they are skin and bones!  

    I will lift ya up, my sister!