Monday, June 5, 2006

Oh Ya.. What says "I love you" better than a La-z-boy?!

My husband and I are so bad.. we can't keep a secret for nothing.. the excitement gets to us and we haveeeeee to tell.

Our 10th.. yes 10th.. the big 1 0 is June 15th and ofcourse you have to add Father's Day the Sunday after into the mix.  I wanted so badly to get Josh a wonderful gift.. one that says it all.. I love, Your a great husband, Your a good father, you are appreciated for all you do for this family and surprise him, catch him off guard. Somehow I didn't think the requested golf shoes and balls would say all that and he specificity said NO SOAP ON A ROPE! (aww but that is the tried and true Father's Gift isn't it??? LOL my Dad liked Brute.. LMBO)

I have wanted to get him a leather recliner forever but money has always been an issue and plus.. the man is picky!!  Yesterday I was just looking at them online.. wondering how I could swing it and decided to take the older two children with me to go and "have a look see" and price some out at La-Z-Boy.  Before we left Josh said.. ohh we should put a price limit on our gift giving to each other.. how about $100?? I laughed at him.. noooo.. that will not do dear, not for what I have in mind. He said..ok.. $150.  I laughed some more at him.. really I had like $300 in mind but was flexible.  Obviously I was neieve when it comes to leather furniture.

After sitting on the HWY for 2 HOURS!!! Yessss 2 HOURS (awful construction traffic) and listening to the kids whine and complain I was ready to turn around and go home but figured I didn't want to make it a wasted trip and went to the furniture store anyhow.  And you guessed it.. was right away approached by a bushy mustache salesmen.  I hate that!! Give me a chance to look will ya??!  But I was wore out from the heat and the drive so I told him "Leather Recliners" and he lead me to the ones they had on sale still from Memorial Day. Ohhhhh  A SALE.. you know us women are SUCKERS for a sale!! LOL

We tested them all out and owwwed and awwed over them.  I found one that was somewhat close to what Josh had in mind when we had talked about furniture and it just so happened to be one of the lest expensive ones.  How could I pass that up??!  You know.. I have said it before over and over.. I HATE SHOPPING!!  But it was really nice to say and be able to mean it, "We'll take it.. ring her up"  Delivery day is the 14th.. I was going to sooooo surprise him!!!  And I made the kids swear to not even so much as give him a hint! 

On the drive home I was in something of panic mode.. "Oh crap, what did I just do.. that was alot of money.. that was about as much as our mortgage payment.. how can I keep that from him? What if he doesn't like it? What if he makes me take it back.. ohh I am sooo stupid.. that was impulse shopping tissssssskkkkkkkk!!!!!!!"  Then when I got home I envisioned him reclining in HIS chair snoozing or watching the DIY network and knew it was perfect.  Then the hint and teasing started. hahaha

My husband was excited.. he could tell I got something big.  He was trying to leave it alone.. play it cool.. wait it out.  Then he started teasing.. oh I left something out in the van.. YA AS IF I would leave your gift out in the van.  Then he did the BIG NO NO for all men-kind.. he picked up my purse and acted like he was going in it!!! And what is worse.. as we struggled over my purse he knocked over my soda, spilling it all over the carpet.  Sheeeeeeshhhhhhh!!!!!  Then we calmed down and I said.. "well.. do your realy want to know??" Ofcourse he said NO.  I told him that he didn't have to make me that lobster dinner or get me a big gift.. lol and it was going to be a real nice Anniversary, Father's Day, Birthday, and maybe even Christmas gift.  His eyes got wide as he asked.. HOW MUCH did you spend?!  I said.. "let me put it this way.. DON'T LOOK AT OUR BANK ACCOUNT!"  That was it.. he had to know.

He asked if I could at least tell him what store it was from with out him guessing.. NOPE, that would be a dead give away. I told him, "If you tell me mine I'll tell you yours." (see what I am saying.. lol we are so bad at keeping secrets) I knew he had said he was getting two things for me so when he only coughed up the one I said ohhh no.. tell me both.  The first one was a day at a spa.. witch we may not be able to afford now (great.. I just shot myself in the foot huh! that would of been soooo awesome) and he said the second one was something he was getting for free but it was personal and he was Defiantly not going to give it up.  Aww.. so is he actually going to get me something he put thought and time and himself into?? We shall see.

So that buttered me up and I gave him my purse.  Hetook out the envelop with the recipe in it that said La-Z-Boy on it.  His jaw dropped!!! "No.. no... reallly?? A La-z-boy!!" A big sweet boyish grin light up his face.. he was just too cute. He was totally surprised and defiantly taken off guard!!

You've got to understand.. its not just the fact it is a leather recliner.. but that it's a real official La-Z-Boy.  I know that is something my own father always wished for and never got and I have an idea the same is true with Josh's.  It is like the Prada of recliners for men (I think that is the case but.. I don't own any Prada so I really can't say for sure LMBO)

Who's The Queen of gift giving now??? Ohhhh Ya!!  : )




  1. Awww, what a great gift! He's going to LOVE that...way to go hun! :-)

    ~ Susan

  2. I love it!  I just wish we had a spot to put one - I'd love to see my hubby's face if I brought one home.  Course he'd probably never sleep in our bed again - he'd just be a-snoozin' in the recliner all night!


  3. What a wonderful gift!  I'm not good a keeping secrets either.  My best bet is to think about it and then buy it the day before.  Even then, we often just share our wishes with each other . . .I do hope you have a wonderful celebration month.  Congratulations on 10 years of marriage.  Blessings, Penny

  4. Wow, my hubby has always wanted one too. I am so happy that you were able to get it for him. A Prada recliner that is too funny. lol Sounds like you guys had lots of fun playing the guess game. Do you think the kids would of been able to keep it a secret if mommy wouldn't of said anything?
    Take Care,

  5. You go girl!  Good gifting!

  6. How nice! I`ll take one also!