Friday, June 16, 2006

Finnaly The Lazy Boy Arrives!

Yep.. I'm the queen!  No one takes care of my man like I can lol.  He better remember how comfortable his chair is when he is off working in obscure places like Nebraska, Mexico or Baghdad and that memory brings him home all the faster!!


Our anniversary was spent processing and talking about the prospect of Josh working outside the country this fall.  It really was a big dessission and too funny how it all worked out.  But I don't think I am going to talk too much about it until it actually comes about.  But he is scheduled to go out of town a week from Monday to Nebraska.. that job they say will last about 4 months!

Josh gave me a essay he wrote about our 10 yrs together!! It was still on his computer but he plans on getting it printed on pretty paper and framed.  As I was reading it he was embarrassed saying.. "Ya I know.. it's cheesy"  When I was done I was bawling my eyes out!!! It is the best gift he has EVER given me and I LOVE- LOVE- LOVE- IT!  It was from his heart, and how he felt about me and our life together.. that is all I could ever ask for.  He said that he has planned on sending me to the spa on pay day.. lol I asked if we could buy patio furniture instead.. I can go to the spa any time.. but we NEED patio furniture.

What started as just a few old friends coming over for BBQ and to see the new house this Saturday has blown out into a BIG 25 people guest list!  YIKES!!!  So today is going to be spent cleaning and shopping for food and hopful a nice but not too expensive patio set.  Ohh.. and we have to pick up after school the Go-Kart Zane built at summer school.  LOL Maybe Josh is right.. we need a truck.. NOT.. the seats come out of the Van lol we can live with that for now.




  1. Looks like the chair was a hit!

    I want one!


  2. countrybumkin779June 16, 2006 at 8:49 AM

    HE WON IT??????????? lol good job zane.  and way to go josh, melt her heart. i have been wondering what he had planned that was from the heart. now don't let kevin find out about the lazy boy. he has been wanting one forever but i say no, we don't have the room. hoping your anniversary is wonderful.

    sending blessings and love,


  3. Nice chair. I don't know what I'd do without mine. My Regards, Bill.

  4. Nice chair.  I love recliners!  Have a great weekend.

  5. i love the new chair.....what an awesome gift.
    XO lisa

  6. You did good on the Lazy Boy!!!  I've always wanted to get Pete one brand new.  All he's ever had was hand-me-downs.  I pray Josh's job won't take him overseas.  But I know that God will get ya'll throught it if it has to be.  -  Barbara

  7. That chair is gorgeous!! You are an awesome wife. :-)

    ~ Susan

  8. hello friend I would say the chair passes the test lol looks like he really enjoyed his gift good job also love the essey he gave you how sweet it is something i am sure you will treasure forever and can show your kids and grandkids hope you have a great bbq cant wiat to see the pics i know you are happy to have people over and show off the house God bless kelley