Friday, June 30, 2006


This week flew by!  I am so thankful that it did too.. Josh will be home tomorrow afternoon!!

Today is my last day of solitude..the kids get out of Summer School today.  Where did this month go?  There was so much more I wanted to get done while the kids were in school during the day.  But today I am going to enjoy the last kid free day I will have until school starts in the fall.  Peticure here I come!!! LOL  I have been waiting all month to have one.. yess.. I am going to get one.. NO.. I really mean it this time! LOL  I guess while I am at it I should pick up some more Veet and do my legs so I will be all smooth for Josh's home coming.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Weekend and flies the flag HIGH and remembers and enjoys the Freedom we have. Happy 4th of July

 Besides Josh being home we don't have much planned.  We may get some fireworks, goodness there are firework tents all over the place.. they wont be all that hard to find here.  I am also in a skit that will be performed at church this Sunday. (YIKES)  I guess while I am getting my peticure I better go over my lines.

We have had VBS this week and I have been in the kitchen on snack duty.  Tonight is the last night.  So I better get myself in gear and get my house cleaning done and get to the store and enjoy the day before the tribe gets home.  I'll catch up with you all after the weekend.


  1. Enjoy the time with hubby!  You have been a Busy Bee!  ;o)  -  Barbara

  2. You have been a busy bee!

  3. hello friend sounds like my house lol we had vbs too last week so fun with all the kids and we had 12 little lives give their hearts to jesus praise God for that hope you enjoy the time with hubby i know how much you miss him have a great weekend God bless kelley

  4. I though I'd check in on you and see how you have been. I hope you had a good visit with josh