Monday, June 12, 2006

Surely the scale needs new batteries

Today is day 3 with my umm.. diet? No, I don't like that term.. diet.. maybe effort.. ya!.. Day 3 in my effort to slim down to a size 14.  I have been doing ok with the no soda aspect.  But did you ever notice that when you try and quit anything or are trying to focus on a goal, others will unconsciously sabotage you???  I told Josh Sunday morning what I was doing with the Hoodia ( he never heard of it lol) and drinking more water since we were broke and can't afford my IV bag worth of Diet Pepsi. By Sunday evening I was not even craving a soda and surprised that I didn't have any of the normal withdrawal head aches that I usually get when I haven't had at least one a day. I am sure Josh had only good intentions when he picked up at the gas station a 2 litter of Diet Pepsi and was looking for a big hero's welcome home with it lol but instead I snapped at him about trying to ruin me lol  Maybe PMS is also setting in????  I did share it with him.. ofcourse! LOL

I must tell you though that the Hooida has helped with protion control.  I do feel fuller longer.  I take 2 gel tabs with a big drink of water like 20 min before I know I am going to eat and some times right before I eat one more.   Saturday I did feel a bit "jittery" and maybe a bit hyper.. I was in total cleaning mode.. and that is not such a bad thing LOL but I promised myself if that kept up I was going to drop the pills.  But by Sunday and today that has stopped, as my messy house will testify to. UGH.. why is it what takes you all day to clean only takes children 1/2 an hour to trash???!!! 

I DID wake up this morning with a dream still fresh in my mind about deep fried powered donuts..mmmmmmmm donuutttttsss.. mmmmmmm LOL Wonder where that came from??   Sometimes it is good thing not to have money to buy the things that you are craving!

I stepped on the scale after my shower today.  According to it I have lost 5 pounds already!!! *looking over my flub.. but where did it go and when will it show outwardly that I have!!!*  That was a bit encouraging to see but I have the sneaky suspicion that the thing needs a new 9V battery. Either way, I will take it that I am progressing, that is pretty good for it only being Day 3.

Maybe it's time to add exercising????  Ya.. this is how much I like thatidea   



  1. Wow five pounds in three days, that is great. Why can't you drink diet
    pepsi? It has no calories. I still drink it :) not as many cups a day but I still drink my diet pepsi. I really want to buy those pills and try them. I wish you the best with the diet.
    Take Care,

  2. Why is it easier to put on than take off...I hate that about weight loss
    Donna In TEXAS

  3. Mary,

    Watch out for that caffeine withdrawl, even though you haven't noticed it yet.  Every time I try to get off caffeine, I have to taper or else I have a list of problems - a headache (all over from the front to my neck), nausea, irritability, etc.  It's like PMS times 10!

    That's awesome that you've lost 5 pounds already.  WTG!


  4. Good for you and the 5 pound weight loss!  Poor hubby!  That's pretty funny, he thought he was such a good boy!

  5. I try and I try but I can't give up Mountain Dew!  It's so frustrating.  Have  a good one.

  6. hey girl congrates i would take it to lol hope you get more engery you need it with the kids and the house but you are moving in the right direction and working out housework is working out too when you vacum you loose so many caliories i forgot wher i read a whole list of housecleaning jobs and how many caliories it burns when you do them or try walking with the kids when i was trying to loose weight a couple of years ago i walked by force had lost my lic due to no ins and an accident not my fault but no ins was so i walked everywhere and to my surprise i lost a lot of weight but then after losing a few dress sizes i found out i was pregant lol so i gained it back and now am also trying to loose a gain so i understand where you are coming from i will keep praying for you in this area have a great day soorry i wrote an entry lol God bless kelley

  7. Congratulations on the weight loss, well done. I don't diet, but I do exercise. After a while, when you become fitter you feel more energetic and actually start to miss it if you don't manage to fit exercise in. Even a short brisk walk a day would be a really good start. Go for it!

  8. Any serious weight loss program must include increased activity. In fact, if you were only to do one or the other, increased activity alone would be more successful in helping you lose weight than dieting alone. However, that increased activity does not need to resemble structured exercise. Simply look at different ways of doing things you already do. For example, when you go shopping, don't cruise around looking for the closest parking space. Deliberately take the spot farthest away from the door (assuming you are in a well lit, public place of course). It's only a little thing, but a few little things add up. Good luck. Keep it up.