Monday, April 2, 2007

Double or single space???

Am I showing my age with this question???

I am trying to practice for a typing test I know I will undoubtedly have to take in my job search.  I seemed to of uninstalled my Mavis Beacon typing tutor that I had on my computer so I went looking online for typing tests for free.  Threw my search and test taking I found something new out.  Modern day typing only has one space after the period.  WTH?!

I took typing and keyboarding in school and as I am sure most of you do and know, the proper thing.. at least back then (gawd like that was soooo long ago?) is double spacing after a sentence.  It is so ingrained in me that I am messing up on the single space tests and that is lowering my score.  And that frustrates the perfectionist in me to noooooooooo end.

Has anyone heard of this debate??  Is this what they are teaching in school and will it soon be the standard?? And what do employers think and require?  Which one should I be practicing?!

Silly that such a small thing should throw me off but this is a big change and gosh, I guess I am getting old and set in my ways.  No fair to change a fundamental rule like that!

Here is an article I found explaining it simply and has links to other sources that talk about the spacing debate further.  

One or two spaces after a period?

BTW  my typing speed is varying between 65-70 wpm. " )


  1. I always double after a period.  Guess you can't teach this old dog a new trick! LOL

  2. i always have and always will double space after a period.  And I taught both my kids the same.  AND if you spell check in Word?  It finds one space as an error...SO THERE! :)


  3. Gosh, there's a debate about it?!  I don't care, I a doublespacer.


  4. Honey, I do it all the way I was taught as that IS the right way.  I don't care what they do or how they write their software programs.  ;o)  -  Barbara

  5. I'm a double-spacer (do you think they force us to change in a program such as DSA) as well.  I feel funny if I miss that space.  Gotta go back and fix it.  My grammer has gotten too  laid back over the years, but if I am typing for a job, a report, etc., I am going to use "proper" langage, grammar and clerical!  So that's that.  Blessings, Penny