Monday, April 16, 2007

Pics from Easter

This Easter I actually got Zane and Josh in ties!  My camera doesn't do them justice.. one day I'll get a better one : P  And all my girls are looking sooooooo grown up in their pretty dresses.

In past years the Easter Plays were all children but this year they went with a mostly adult one.  The girls were very disappointed they were not in it. But Zane and did a wonderful job.  The whole play was awesome and I was bawling my eyes out.  My camera wouldn't take good in the dark so I can't share the awesome job they did with the sets and costumes and how well the actors did. Everyone worked very hard with all the practices and set building. Maybe when and if they post pics to the church website I'll send a link.

The kids have grown so much since last Easter.  Our hair is finally growing longer. Last year we had shaved our heads just before Easter.. what a big change.  I need to get some updated pics of me for my side bar and redo my graphics.  Also last year Josh was not home for Easter so it was very special that he was able to be home this year.

After church we went down to the In-Laws and had family dinner.  The kids had a nice time playing with the cousins and I had wine and got half drunk.  Not a bad way to deal with the In-Laws.. made my day alot smoother, but I won't make a habit of it.  Good thing Josh was driving : )

I hope everyone had a Blessed Holiday and was able to enjoy family time.


  1. Your girls are adorable!  It sounds like you had a wonderful Easter- you must be real proud of your family!  Have a blessed week Mary!  Carolyn :)

  2. The kids look great and that includes the big one with his tounge stuck out! LOL  Thanks for sharing.

  3. A perfectly precious family!!!!!  -  Barbara

  4. Your family is so beautiful and I am so glad to finally get a chance to get back over here in your journal.  It's been a crazy couple weeks for me but I haven't forgotten you.  Love the pictures and hope you had a great Easter!!  Hugs,