Sunday, April 29, 2007

Video of Sophia at her Spring Concert.. what a Hamm!

Sophia Hamms it up

Sophia was being so funny.. I was cracking up the whole time.  She already thinks she is a Diva.

*guess you can not embed MySpace videos onto other blogs?  Click the link to view it*

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  1. hey hunybee. this is donetta. long time, huh? i'm under another person's screenname because it is their computer. but i was checking out journals and my last entry in mine "underneath it all" from 2005. alot has changed in 2 yrs. a 4 yr old and a 16 month old....both by trent who left me at 3 months pregnant. i'm wrking on getting me a new computer and i'd love to play catch up on my journal and journal world. but thought i'd tell you that i haven't forgotten u and your advice. you were right. we were just playing house because he didn't want that commitment in God's eyes. but being a single mom, though a struggle, isn't too bad either. take care and God bless you and your family.