Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Words of encouragment

Yesterday I got a nice note in the mail from Norma Gunner.  She doesn't know me that well but has called in the past when she felt lead to give me a word.  She lives in Western Missouri and has come to our church a few times as guest speaker with her husband Laval.  This note she sent blew me away and had me in tears because it is so timely.

Here is part of it:

As we enter this time of year celebrating "His Resurrection" be encouraged for just as He Christ was raised from the dead, those dreams , hopes and desires that you've given up on, thinking them to be dead, get excited Sister for new life is blooming in root.  Things are about to change for your good.  "Trust God".

Those words I will hold on to!  I am so thankful she prays for me and is willing to share when lead to.  She doesn't know my situation and all that is going on with me so I know for a fact this is right from the Holy Spirit.  I am excited to see how God is going to be working.. because right now I just don't have a clue.  I all but want to give up for looking for a job.  Yes I know I don't have to work but I feel like I should be at least getting ready to. I feel discouraged when I think about my little education and experance and what is out there is almost not worth applying for.  I also have to find something that will work around the kids and all that. I have always wanted to work in a nice office on computers and phones and I want to return to school and get a degree in teaching.  Are those the hopes and dreams he is talking about?  Or is it another one.. I used to have so many you know.  Is he somehow going to have me be more in service to him.. serving him another way?  Vollunteering at a PRC or more on the front lines?  Or other outreach areas?  I am not sure what is in store but I have a promise right here, new life is blooing in root!


  1. Wonderful motivation for you Hunybea! I do know what you mean about trying to get a decent job--one that would work around the kids schedule, and getting a job that are worth doing.
    I really do know.
    Keep the faith.
    Gem :-)

  2. Have a happy Easter!!  Hugs,