Wednesday, April 18, 2007

VT Massacure

Top News- Students Remember Victims, Recall Gunman - AOL News

The media is calling it the worst shooting in American History.  A Massacre.  A deranged collage student shooting up class rooms on the campus of Virginia Tech, killing 32 people and then the coward committed suicide.  There doesn't seem to be any rational explanation for his actions.  Eye witnesses say he had a cold stone blank face, showing no emotion and not saying a word as went down the halls and class room to class room executing anyone he could.

America is shocked, horrified, grieving with the family and friends of those lost.  While I do not know any one personally who was murdered in these shootings I still grieve for the community and all it is going threw.  It may seem like evil has won out the day.. wiping out 32 promising and productive lives.  But more and more inspiring stories of courage and strength under fire are coming to light and I have to believe what was meant for harm will but turned around and be used for good and God's glory.  If only to remind us all how fragile life is, how in a second it can be taken and that we need to cherish each moment we have breath.  If only to remind us that no one is promised tomorrow and that we all will die. If to wake some up to the fact that death is a relality and not to put off making choices today. 

I am sure when those people woke up that Monday going about their daily routine they had no inkling that it would be their last day on earth and by the end of the morning they would be face to face with God.  What if it was you?  What if today was your last day?  Would you be ready?  Would your soul be ready?  Would you know for a fact that you would enter heaven?  The Bible says,John 14:6 "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."  Have you made that choice yet?  Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord, repented of your sins and asked for forgiveness?  If not, think about doing it TODAY.  You do not know if today is your last day.  You may be going about your daily routine, just like those students Monday were.  I am sure there are many of them who said..oh I have time, I will live my life for me right now, I have time to settle down later and make choices about faith and where to place it later.  Don't put off today, tomorrow is not promised, you are not reading this plea by accident.

It doesn't seem fair that innocent young lives were taken so easily and quickly.  But this is the world we are living in.  A sin filled world full of choices and we are effected by others sins and other's choices.  I know we want to play the blame game and wonder how this event could of been avoided.  Gun control, mandatory counseling for the young man when warning signs were present, campus should of been shut down sooner, tighter security, and on and on it goes but at the end of the day those halls and class rooms still have the blood all over it, no matter how much you clean it up.  The World just gets darker and darker.  Even if every measure that can be thought up had been enacted, you can not account for crazy and evil.. it seems to find a way into the safest of places.  We can not place our hope and faith in men and a false sense of security, because men fail, security fails, humans fail.

I choose to place my hope and faith in God, or else how could I get threw a day.  Knowing how messed up everything is, I can see why people are depressed and put faith in medicane, in happy pills, in anything to escape the reality.  My soliace is there is more to this life than the here and now.  There is a divine plan in everything and somehow I am apart of that plan.  If I die tomorrow I have the promise that my life will account for something, that it was not all for nothing and at the end there will be the reward of being with my Lord.  I do not have to worry about those who can kill my body.. it is the one who can kill the soul people should be concerned about. 


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  1. Excellent entry Mary.  It is such a sad and pitiful world we've made.  I do pray for all the families and friends of those hurt and killed.  Your message is a good one though, I hope many will come to realize- that we are all going to die sometime, and none knows when.  I thank Him that I am ready when it's my turn- but I do pray especially for the younger generations- that they will find the Truth of Jesus too.  God Bless Mary.  Carolyn