Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Our last date.. someting of a rant

Last Friday my hubby and I actually got to have a date night.  He was supposed to be going out of town for an extended amount of time in the next week for work, so I begged and pleaded.. noo.. demanded a night just for us, and that we actually  DO something besides sit in front of that idol thing he calls 52' HD TV (ok ya.. I admit it.. I love it too.. amazing picture and sound).  Ofcourse he left it to me to actually THINK of something for us to do that would not totally break the bank and be something we both would be interested in.  Didn't want to go to a movie, bars and clubs are not as fun as they used to be, didn't know of any good bands playing locally, casinos are stupid (we both lived in Vegas and find the gambling boats here laughable and boring) golfing is in the opposite direction of our babysitter, you wouldn't think it would be so hard to find something to do without all the kids!  I was whining about it to my friend over the phone and she suggested that I keep my expectations low so I would not be mad at my hubby for not meeting them lol but she also gave me the great idea to go to a local comedy club called  The Comedy Forum.  That's something different!  We had never gone to a comedy club before and the tickets were only $12 a person. And after a week like last week who doesn't need a good laugh!

Josh agreed that sounded like fun with dinner at a close Chinese restaurant.  You know I love Chinese and dug in good *burp*.  At dinner I choose to address something that was annoying me about my beloved, dear, sexy, wonderful man of a husband.  I asked him.. nooo.. told him.. his work is off the list of topics for the night!!!  More than lately he has absolutely NOTHING else to talk about.  When we are at church.. that's what he talks about, when we are visiting his parents.. that is what he talks about (even had the audacity to answer the rude question about how much he made last year), when he is on the phone, that is what he talks about.  While I agree his work life is a very important thing and so so so interesting and full of drama and travel and excitement, a technical feat for the ages *snicker* there has got to be something else rattling around his brain worth sharing with the class. (you don't see me write much about him and his work because he has forbad me from it.. I know too much dangerous more like he talks too much so I know too much that could embarrass him or others or cause more on the job drama.. so I try and obey that wish) 

 Do you think for five minuets he could not talk about his job???????? HAHA NO!!!!!  I about slapped him.. he hadn't even asked me how my day was and how was the thing I went to at Annie's school.  His response was, what thing at Annie's school? Ya, I had to cuss at him.  I had told him all week I was going to volunteer, it was on the calendared, I even told him that morning. Maybe this just goes to show I can go ahead and do anything I want because either he doesn't care or just wont pay attention. gurrr  Maybe he thinks we have reached that point where we can just sit and eat and have nothing to talk about like those 60yrds you see at the early bird specials?  Either way I found it sad and funny at the same time.  I don't know if I should laugh a hearty laugh..ohh that is just men.. or cry a good cry.. he doesn't care what I think or what goes on in our home life anymore.  And he wonders why the kids and I were bawling our eyes out the other night when we watched Click.

After dinner we had a bit of time to kill so we visited the Sprint Store across the street.  The Christmas before last he got me a cell phone (finally) but it was the no thrills standard one you get for FREE.  A month after that he goes and gets himself a new way cool video/camera/mp3 very expensive phone.  Needless to say I was a bit miffed.  We are waiting for our 2 years to be up for me to trade my phone up to a better one but my friend insists you don't have to wait that long to exchange your phone in.  So Josh suggested we go in and look and maybe for Mother's Day (not holding my breath) he'll get me a new phone.  Apparently my phone is worth right now $75 credit towards a new one at list price.  I really don't need much in a cell phone.. I am just being whinnying and bitchy lately I guess.  I did not see too much that really was for me.  The one I did like the most was a video and camera phone but you can use a memory card in it for easier downloading to your puter.. if it came in pretty pink or lime green then it would almost be perfect.. oh and if I can transfer all the info and pics on my current phone.  Ya I don't ask for much huh.

We arrived about 30 min early to the Comedy Forum and it was happy hour in the front that doubled as a bar.  I had some yummy shots that tasted like cherry red lifesavers and then when we got in for the show another shot and a fruity drink.  I am not sure if the show was all that funny or if I was laughing because I was on my way to getting drunk.  Really the show was about what I expected, a bit of blue humor but not too too bad, oh and ofcoure a few jokes about Christians and Prolifers.. no I wasn't laughing then.  Yep.. open season on the Christians but not a one about any other religious category.  Sadly those were the jokes that got some of the biggest laughs.

Thankfully Josh was driving and we got home before midnight.  What a bunch of old folks we have become!  We sat down, took our shoes off.. him in his leather recliner and me on the couch.  He turned on the tv.. and I passed out.

Maybe girls night out will be more fun?


  1. Oh my.  I prefer girls night out......LOL!!

  2. LOL This entry cracked me up 'cause I could so relate to it.  Scott and I used to fight over the fact I though he had nothing interesting to say ... that he wasn't passinate about anything.  Then he started to lisen to talk radio ... and booooyyyy and I regreting it.  I know what you mean about wanted to smack the crap out him!


    Oh, and stay away from those shots.   They go to be too quickly.  I am content with a margarita or a Jack Daniels Downhome Punch.



  3. I am completely in about the same place.  And I would be upset about the jokes too on the Christians... and hubby seems like he is doing the same thing over here too... just work talk all the time.  There has to be something else to talk about other than work... I just have to figure out how to drive the conversation there.  Sigh.  I'm with ya.  Hugs, and more hugs,

  4. Except for the fruity exotic drinks and getting drunk (I can't do that anymore)- you have my life Mary! LOL  God Bless Huny- It'll pass- it always does.  Love Carolyn :)

  5. Sorry to hear that Josh isn't getting your need to have other types of conversations.  I'm sure in his mind his job is all about you and the kids.  Meeting your needs, etc.  Sometimes I think a special night IN alone works better than a night out.  -  Barbara