Monday, March 31, 2008


First I find my old best friend from when I was growing up.  Then I start scrapbooking with the girls and go threw all these old pictures and now this!!!!!!!!

New Kids to Perform on 'Today' - AOL News

You Just don't even understand how I was soooooo nuts over NKOTB.  I didn't just simply have my walls covered in posters.. I had my ceilings and closet wallpapered.  They were my first concert.

Ofcourse Donny was my fav and I have followed his and his brother's acting career with great pleaser *yum* lol jk

Does this happen to everyone when theY turn something.. everything comes back around to make you feel even older??? LOL

Maybe if they do come in concert I will take my girls and we can hoop and holler together.


  1. Mary- you made me feel old by telling us that New Kids were your favorite band!  For me, my first fav was the Moody Blues, then Pink Floyd.  I was old before my time,I guess!  First concert was Barry Manilow (My parents made me!)  My first concert of choice was Bruce Springsteen.  Oh- to be 19 and young again!  Oh well- I was foolish back then, so I guess being older is better if you're wiser ;-)  God Bless!!  You're not old yet!  Love Carolyn

  2. I can remember NKOTB, but I couldn't tell you the first thing they sang.   Of course, I was probably too old for them, anyway.  lol