Sunday, March 30, 2008

what’s behind my current myspace profile song

what’s behind my current profile song on my myspace page (wish AOL journals made it easier to include music)

Just so you know.. I normaly put alot of thought behind what I add as my profile song andd Headline on my myspace page.  Here is the lyrics for the song I currently have:

Casting Crowns: I Am Every Man

I’m the man with all I’ve ever wanted
all the toys and playing games
I am the one who pours your coffee, corner booth each Saturday
I am your daughter’s favorite teacher
I am the leader of the band
I sit behind you in the bleachers
I am every man

I’m the coach of every winning team and still a loser in my mind
I am the soldier in the airport facing giants one more time
I am the woman shamed and haunted by the cry of unborn life
I’m every broken man, nervous child, lonely wife

Is there hope for every man
A solid place where we can stand
In this dry and weary land
Is there hope for every man
Is there love that never dies
Is there peace in troubled times
Someone help me understand
Is there hope for every man

Seems there’s just so many roads to travel,
It’s hard to tell where they will lead
My life is scarred and my dreams unraveled
Now I’m scared to take the leap
If I could find someone to follow
Who know my pain and feels the weight
The uncertainty of my tomorrow,
The guilt and pain of yesterday

CHORUS: (reprise)
There is hope for every man
A solid place where we can stand
In this dry and weary land
There is hope for every man
There is Love that never dies
There is peace in troubled times
Will we help them understand?
Jesus is hope for every man

It is one of my new fav songs.  When I first heard it on the radio I ofcourse idenfied with the women haunted and ashamed by unborn life.  But I am not brought down by that thought.. I am uplifted because I am free of that guilt and shame and I now have hope.  Free yes Free!!  I used to be so plauged by the hurt of abortion, I have come along way since I have allowed the Lord to work on me and heal me.  Yes I am still sad, and miss having that sweet baby, she would be about 16yrs old but the hope comes in knowing I will see her in Heaven when I get there and as the Lord has forgiven me of her murder, so will she.  Beautiful.. I love you and miss you!


  1. Shalom: I agree with the adding music. I would love to add music to my journal about my and my husband's wedding. I have never heard this song before, but love the lyics.
    May I ask who sngs this?

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