Wednesday, March 5, 2008



  OHHHHHHHH-YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!  No more having to wait on Josh and his computer or having poor signal and my slow as molasses computer.  No more being out of touch with the WWW.  Breathing a big deep sigh of happiness.. awwwwwwwww e-mail, IM, and not least of all,. bloging to my hearts content.. till my fingers cramp with the signs of carpeltunel!!  So be prepared, Mary is back and she has a whole lot of catching up to do!!!

I have so much NEW (tax return came and spent) to get used to.  New computer, new cell phone (with unlimited texting and web and messaging yaaah), new house phones and DSL, the TV is back on.  All sorts of fun things to get used to. I should never feel cut off again with all that lol.  Also new.. new job (I'll get into that soon) and our church is moving this week into a new building.  See the theme lol.

Josh got me the new computer about a week or so ago.. I haven't really touched it until now that it's hooked up to the net.  I would of preferred a laptop but this new desk top will be good too. It has a dvd/cd burner and light scribe. It also has ugh, Vista and trial software (what ever happen to having everything bundled together or thrown in with it!!) But I am elated by having lots more memory and thus a faster puter.  I had our other desktop for just about 8yrs!  I have tons of pics and docs that I need to store off of it somehow.  But on the other hand when we get a new monitor we may just hook it up for the kids.  At least that is what they think shouldhappen lol.

We finally switched from Sprint to AT&T for our cells.  I lobbied hard for Zane to get one but Josh seems it best to wait a little longer and since we have a house phone now we can be just as well connected with each other as if he had one.  Sorry son that you still have to be known as the only one at school with out one.  I got the new pink Walkman phone but until we get the memory card for it, it is not much good as an MP3 player. No such thing as simple buy and have it all out of the box.. always some kind of accessory you have to get to get the full use out of the new technology.  That is growing highly annoying and expensive.  Ringtones at almost $3 a pop?! OUCH.And the deposit just about killed it all for me.  But it does have radio and all the other thrills.. camera, video, web,. song ID and when I do get music set up in it all I have to do is give it a shake to shuffle.  I was glad they were able to load my phone book from my old phone on to it but somehow it has cell and home on my contacts mixed up.. so I have to figure out how to change that.  Josh got the same model.. different color of course.  He says he doesn't like his.. harder to hear and be heard on calls he thinks.  I foresee a hand-me-down to the boy.. maybe??

We are sorely disappointed with our phone company.  They have the monopoly right now in my area ugh.  Originally we only wanted to get DSL service.  I had a flier in the mail last month about  how you didn't have to have a phone line to get it.  They give Josh a different story when he went to set it up.  Then it took over 3 days to turn on and have the new modem delivered.. I can kinda understand that.  But when we got another flier in the mail advertising what we wanted that really pissed off Josh and when he called they give him some lame excuse and runaround.  Well, at least we have a set price for a year and maybe by then cable will be out here.

Yikes.. it's getting late and I must be up and at work at 7a.m.  But.. I shall be back and I WILL be catching up on all my reading too.



  1. YEAH!!! you are back! :)


  2. Glad to see your back and enjoying your new toys,lol.

  3. YAY-You're BAAAACCCKKK!!!! I'm gladMary!  God Bless!  Carolyn

  4. Yay!!!!  So glad you have your computer back!!!!  Oh happy day!!!
    Lisa : )

  5. Welcome back!  I need to back up things also.  I talked to Val, she has already backed up a lot.  My sister Val I mean.  Her blog is
    Why don't you email her and ask her how to do it?  I would tell you, but I don't know yet, LOL!

    Krissy :)