Friday, March 28, 2008

What 10 things would you say to a friend you havn't seen in a long time... UPDATED!!!!!!!!

Almost 2yrs ago I posted this entry.. some of you may remember.

What 10 things would you say to a friend you haven't seen in a long time?
Picture from Hometown
What 10 things would you say to a friend you haven't seen in many years?
Every now and then my mind wonders back to my teenage year's best friend Tonya Ashley.  (If you know her please tell her Mary misses her!) 
1. I have missed you very much and think about you often.
2. I have a good life and for the most part am happy, are you?
3. I have tried to find you again and it hurt so much to go back to Vegas that last time knowing you were probably there somewhere and I couldn't see you.
4. I have worried about you and prayed for you, especially after our last conversation those years ago.
5. Are you safe now, have you settled down yet?
6. Have you learned to forgive those who have hurt you or do you still carry so much hate in you?
7. What happen to you in the past was not your fault and the things that were are all behind you.
8. You have a beautiful soul and are so loved, even when you try to push others away.
9. You are invited back into my life and I hope we can be even better friends then we were in our youth.
10.  Get your butt to STL and see me!!!
Well the most awesome thing has happen!  Tonya and I have gotten back in touch with each other (finally).  Myspace is a wonderful thing sometimes : ) 
So at last I showed her the 10 things I wanted to say to her and here are her responses.  I kind of put her on the spot but that is ok lol.
1. Me too!
2. Ya, finally
3. Ya I feel the same way, that I wished I could find you.  I probly wasn't in Vegas then anyway.
4. ya, well I am done with that, so don't worry.
5. Yes, I pulled my head out of my *ss.
6. No, I have learned to forgive, working on it
7. Not sure what to say to that, but I am more free now
8.  Thanks, friend.  I felt like I had to put a wall up to protect myself.  working on that.
9.  Whoo hoo..
10.  Sure, ok.. when you pay for it or I grow wings.

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  1. I'm very happy for you!!!  I have only one friend from High School that I really wonder about and miss.  -  Barbara