Monday, March 24, 2008

Video from Easter Worship

My Lilly and Sophia are in the front wearing the purple and green tunic shirts.  They all did wonderful and worked real hard on this worship service for Easter!!  I just have to say Lilly looks like she took it that extra mile and was very exaggerated in her movements lol.

My Annie is in the front looking very serious (and grown up aww).  She knew it so well that she was put there so the other girls could keep up lol.  I think when they all are in sync it is sooooo beautiful!


  1. I think they did wonderful. But, why was annie holding her stomach the whole time?

  2. Mary, Annie was absolutely beautiful.  I loved the ribbon dancers.  That was one of the prettiest things I have ever seen in my life.  And especially for their age.  Now as far as Lilly and Sophia go, they had so much expression!  Do you know what that is a sign of?  A good sign language interpreter!  Perhaps they want to volunteer to do that at church after they learn it, or perhaps even for a career!  Because you have to be expressive, and they both certainly are!

    Krissy :)