Saturday, March 8, 2008

Whistle while you work : )

Entering back into the workforce after 8years of being a stay at home mom or as I have come to think of it.. a protective bubble, has at times been a bit of a shock to the system.  While being a SAHM my interaction with the world out there was limited to my family and their friends, my church family, and my buddies online.  Now I have a whole new set of acquaintances and run ins with people who normally don't run in my circles nor have my same set of values.  It's not that I am not tolerant of others or am capable of dealing with other people, it just floors me sometimes, really awakens to me to the times we are living.  The whole lying and passing the buck, fudging on paperwork is what disturbers me the most.  I can handle bad attitude and disgruntled and try and not let that infect me (because it can be contagious).  It is when people straight up lie, people in authority and who are supposed to be responsible for other employees and clients/customers.  My God.. I know it is hard to admit when we have made a mistake but if you tell the truth it makes life easier and people will respect you for it. 

I am not talking about just one instance or even anyone place I have worked for.  I have held three jobs in the past 5 months and at each one I have ran into blatant dishonesty and ugly behavior and keep in mind one of those places was a church daycare.  It just makes me appreciate my former SAHM status all the more lol.  If  this what Josh has to deal with on a daily basis I can understand more why he prefers not to associate with work friends after he is home.

Since I have to work I will try and keep a positive out look, let my little light shine and do what I know is right.  And as simple a thing as that sounds, it can be hard out there, but I will not fall into that trap.  I had to opportunity the other day and saw it a mile away for what it was, a snare the enemy was trying to put out there for me to walk into.  And it's funny, when you are honest, and keep a smile on, you are considered the weird one.



  1. Since I do the same work you are training for, and used to be in the same enviroment you are now, I totally can relate.  That's the main reason I do what I do now.  It's really sad when you have to work with people who you can't trust for anything and have to constantally watch your back.

  2. I know it is hard out there.  I think I am content to stay in my dumb telemarketing job.... it isn't much money and we struggle terribly though and my thoughts often go to thinking of going out there again in the real business world.  I spent so many years there though and it is hard.  You are right, people do some awful things out there and it is a cold world of deception and tricky to navigate through to keep a good job sometimes.  Many personalities to rub shoulders with and many characters in the workplace to shuffle past and with and get along with somehow.  It is a trying place to be in.  I may have to break down and do it again and find a way to manage a home, three children and a full time job.  It is hard thinking on it.  I pray God protects us with all these things.  I know you are probably making a difference out there though with your kindness and God is shining through you, but I also know how wearying it can be and how it seems like we aren't making any difference at all other than bringing in income and almost sacrificing our own selves and values being challenged to do it.  Hugs n Prayers,

  3. Absolutely!!  I can oh so identify!!  - Barbara

  4. Keep on being the wierd one Mary!  I know what you mean- before I became a SAHM I was really getting tired of backbiting, back stabing andoffice politics- this at an actual office, and at a fast food restaurant of all places!  It's everywhere! Stay true to the Lord and He will always help you stay right- who knows, someone higher up may be impressed with your honesty and integrety!  God Bless!! Carolyn

  5. Yes, you let your light shine!  I understand how it is out there, been there and done that, and will probably have to return.  Ugh.  But you remain positive, girlie!  And be that light.  You can do this.

    Krissy :)