Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Pressing on...

It is just after 2 a.m.  I need to be up by 6 at the latest.. haha.. because I HAVE to get Zane, Annie and Lilly on the bus at 7 a.m. for the first day of school, yikes!  But the good news is my e-mail box is down from over 700 e-mails to just 18 (mostly saved ones for later.. you know the juicey ones that you like to sink your teeth in)

I could go into big rant mode about how my day was but ..eh.. what is done is done and tomorrow is another day, right?. So what I had to go to like 5 different stores to get school supplies and the weekly groceries and that Zane is freaking out about going to a new school and missing his old friends and on top of that he hurt his ankle and is limping around.  And so what Sophia had a melt down at the store because she wasn't getting any of the good stuff for school like her siblings and yelled it was not fair she cant go to school too.  And I am going to drop it that the trash man never came to get our trash as promised nor delivered our cans even after I called twice to make sure. And that shelf with my collectable Home Interiors Teddy Bears that I had bought when we were first married got trashed by Annie and the broom doesn't matter.. it all burns in the end right.   Days like these I can see myself craving that old way of dealing with stress and hitting the bong.. but I am past it now.. relief is in sight and my big spa tub in my master bathroom suite is calling instead.

  I can't wait to get it all together and finish all the final details of this move and get to normal life (what ever that may be).  Baby steps as FLY Lady says.  First step is getting the kids off to school and me and Sophia into some routine.  Josh is out of town so that also makes it hard to get them all ready.  Plus my mom is coming this weekend and I will be going out of town with her next week.  Maybe next month we can get back to not being so rush rush busy busy?  Ya right!

Pictures coming sooooooooon.. I promise!



  1. yeah I keep saying IM slowing down. I cant. peole keep calling me. needing me. I cant wiat for pics

  2. Oh my!  700 emails!  Did you turn off FlyLady's emails like she told you to when you were away, lol?  If you did you would only have 500 emails, lol.


  3. man i need to speed up, things arent getting done here. but oh well...eventually right?

  4. Moving and getting settled is a HUGE task...and if you're already 90percent done/80 percent organized you have made incredible progress! Can't wait for you to get back and post some pictures....a new home is so exciting....a lot of work but oh so exciting!   My son was sad about moving and going to a new school and leaving his friends behind....but he's made new friends one of whom he's already had for a sleepover and been to their house for sleepovers too....so it's working out and  Zane will be OK.   We start early too. I've got a huge blessing in that Ikenna's new friend's mother picks them up and takes them to school. They start school at 7:30am.  I'm having the same adjustment issues you're having. Last year classes started at 845am!  

    You'll all be fine!!

  5. Mary, those pictures are the cutest. Gabriel is happy in his big new home. The kids had their first day at school and nobody missed the bus. Lunches were served and no body broke any bones or got lost. I'd say it was smooth as it could be. Tomorrow is a new day.
    God will continue to bless your family and answer all our prayers for each one of you. Josh will be home and you need that family rest with your mom. Take it dear sister and let God prepare your heart for the coming new season in all your lives.
    Your a special woman in God's eyes and He has mighty plans for you. I'll keep you close in prayer and thank you for being such a good friend to me.
    In His Love, charlene