Tuesday, August 23, 2005

We survied the first day of school and some pics

As I get the house more together I will post more pics but I thought you would like to see our kitty Gabriel (named after an angel) and the few things that I do have together around here.



I want to give all these details about how my day and the kids had gone but If I don't go to bed now we will be RUNNING to the bus again in the morning LOL.


  1. oh i so love all the pics!  We need a place by our door for backpacks...lol...I am always tellin the kids to pick em and move em....put them where they belong!


  2. aww! i think this has been my favorite pictures shown from u in awhile.!!!!

  3. I love the pics. My fridge top has boxes of food on to p of it LOL Ilike your much better. Ineed more cabinet space. I love the kitty in the chair and I notice that you have two extra pegs on that rack!!!!!!! UM Maybe you need two more kiddos to fill that up> !?!?!?!??!

  4. what a pretty kitty it seems like he is good too I bet the kids really enjoy him. ok I am so jelous you are more put togather and orginzed then me we still have so much work to do on the house first though before we can finish the unpacking plus it does not help when you cannot dicide what color to paint the other half of the living room lol anyway congrates looks very nice can;t wait to see more pics take care God bless kelley

  5. cute kitty and great photos....love the line up of the backpacks and your home decor!

    ~  www.jerseygirljournal.com