Friday, August 5, 2005

Playing house

When do you stop felling like you are playing house and cross into reality?

Playing house used to be my favorite game growing up.  I still play with the girls with their dishes and toy dolls. When we got them their play kitchen it was one of  my happier moments LOL I was almost as excited as they were.  I was thinking today about some of my childhood memories (the few that I have lol) from when I was little and played house.  Why is that most little girls preferred game?  Coping mommy and wanting to be like her, maybe?  Pretending you have your own kitchen and your own baby, good practice for real life?  When I was a teen I remember writing a journal entry about a dream I had of me all grown up with my own family and house and how exciting it was but when I woke up I was scared that it was real and that I was not ready for all that yet.  I felt relief waking up out of that dream.

Now I am all grown up and have my very own house.. beautiful house LOL. And my own children and husband.  I get to put my dishes just where I want them and feed my babies and move my furniture around till it is just right.  I drive a min van and I seem to be almost your proverbially soccer mom.  But sometimes I really do still feel like that little girl who is playing house.

But this is not a game.. this is real life.  I am an adult! awww!!! You know you are not playing house anymore when you have bills.. the kids talk back and are not always happy and you are more of a referee, making dinner and doing laundry is not fun but a chore.  You can not just walk away at the end of the day from this game into your mommy's arms.. because it is real life.

Just a word for the younger girls.. don't rush to grow up.. it is very true when Mom says it goes by so fast and you will have your own family soon enough.

And I am happy, really.  This is all and more than I ever dared to dream of.  But sometimes I still miss that little girl I was.. I did grow up too fast and wild.  I will enjoy each mile stone with my own and make sure they don't try and grow up too fast.

You know what else I loved to play as a little girl? School and Teacher.  Maybe sometime soon I will wake up one day and find that I am in my own class room teaching my own students? lol It is on the list.


  1. I played house and school both. I was lamenting today how I wish Tracy was 9 and Rachael 2 again. I wish they were under my wings again.

  2. What a wonderful entry! I understand what you are saying also. We sometimes wish for things we think we want and then when we get it, it can be a bit scary! Love, lisa

  3. loved this true....dont grow up too fast ,  having the perfect house is great but it also comes with alot of responsibilities that aren't always so fun...but in the end, it's all good, just don't rush into it too soon!  

  4. What a great entry.  It is so true that it all goes by so fast.  I used to love playing house also.  The bills sure do make it all reality doesn't it??  Linda

  5. you would be a great teacher~~