Monday, August 8, 2005

VICTORY over a messy garage and Finally the hair cuts!

Saturday we worked ALLLLLLLLL day at the old house.  Josh and Zane worked on the garage... and whaaahooo... they got it all spic and span and ready for moving!!!!  The girls and I worked on the basement and the playroom and besides 100 loads of laundry the basement is all good baby!  I would of took before and after pics of the garage and basement but you can just use your imagination and trust me when I say they were disaster areas.  Josh swears that he is never ever.. never again going to let his garage get that way and I swear never ever will I let my basement get like that.. haha we don't have a basement at the new house but I will try my very best to stay on top of all our laundry.  I am thinking I am going to just have to do laundry EVERY DAY. You can imagine how much a Six person family accumulates.  But the good news is now I know where all the clothes went and we will not have to buy as much school and winter clothes as I thought.  I am looking for that stuff you can spray on cloths that are hanging to get the wrinkles out.. I can't remember the name of it.. I know I saw a commercial for it like a year ago.  Josh said he saw it.. it is called an iron.. haha funny.  I am iron challenged and would rather go the easy route and spray something on.

Josh is back in KY and I am left to finish packing up the house.  We are sleeping at the new house full time now so I am getting up early and trekking us back to the old one.. where the puter  and TV is still hooked up.  I find I get alot done at the new house because we don't have them yet lol.  But I also feel out of the loop on news and my journals!!! Last night we ooh and awwed over the moon and how BIG Mars was. The stars are real bright where we are out of the city and I wanted to go and look up Mars facts for the kids and see if it will be like that again tonight and I was shocked this morning when I saw a newspaper with the big headlines of Peter Jennings Dying. I will catch up with all of my journal friends soon.. promise! 

The moving truck is ordered for this Friday.  We plan on loading everything up Friday.. bug bombing it and then letting it air out Saturday morning and then unpack it.  I do not want any tag-a-longs to come to my new house and infesting it.  We may still just get on a maintace plan with a local company for the new house just incase and with new construction you wouldn't guess all the insects that come out of hiding and is upheaval around. 

Today I finally went and got the girls their hair cuts.  I LOVE Lilly's. It is a big change but I think it makes her Big eyes come out.  Annie wanted a bob too.. just like our new neighbor's girls.. I guess it is O. K... I will miss her long hair more then her I think.  That is one thing off the long list of things to do checked off.  I have a lot of work to get done in the next week.. and to top it all off the kids have VBS with our church this week.  Some how I was recruited to help with VBS.. I don't remember signing up for anything but low and behold my name was on the printed out list LOL.  Not complaining.. I want to be more involved, it is just a busy week. 

Plus Josh's sister Pammy and her family  is coming in from out of town this weekend.  She will be staying at Josh's Dad's but we are trying to plan a party for the next weekend.  Certain family members have said they can not come..*ahem* the same ones who did not want us to move into our new house.  As if it was a personal thing against them! What ever.  They just don't understand that house is 20% cheaper 20 min. down the hwy from where we live now.. then if we went and looked for a house closer to them. That is not much of an extra drive to make and we have sooo much more room.  Anyway.. I am letting it go.. will not try and do tit for tat and still go to their gatherings they insist we go to even if they will not come to ours.

Going to do more packing..I am sick of it.. I am starting to feel like maybe I should just throw it all away lol.  But I am keeping in mind.. THIS IS THE LAST MOVE WE WILL EVER HAVE TO MAKE!!!



  1. OH man I hate moving. GIRL I wanna come to your party!!!!!!!!!Hope you can go to my journal and see my pics from childhood in alaska and my parents pics and My ex and Todds ex. Funny to see where we been. Cnat wati til you r moved.

  2. Love the pics! The girls look soooo cute.....i cant imagine ever getting laundry caught up if i had 6 in the family! I cant get it caught up with 4. Funny how things accumalate when you ignore them! Have a happy week. Love, lisa

  3. Busy girl. Moving is such a job. I hope you will be very happy in your new home. The girls are adorable. My how I remeber the laundry, I had for children. So I know the work you have .


  4. Kids look adorable in their new haircuts!


  5. Wow you are a cleaning family this week!  I love Lilly's new haircut.  She looks great with the shorter hair.  Linda

  6. {{{{{Mary}}}}}

    What lovely young ladies!!! I am really relating to the packing woes! I thought I'd never get done with getting everything out of our townhouse the day we moved...that's because I wasn't organized. I don't know what I'd have done if it hadn't been for my two sisters who flew out to help me and my friend Susan who comes to help me clean the house.

    Believe me the packing, moving and unpacking will be done and you will survive! I can't wait for you to get all moved in. You'll really enjoy getting the house arranged. The first week after we moved was a little hectic for me because there were just too many boxes  LOL  but I'm now down to about 4 boxes inside and maybe another 4 in the garage that haven't been tackled yet.   I've even hung all but about 3 or 4 of my pictures and I'm just loving how the house looks. I'm having a jewelry party on Saturday and am hoping many of the ladies in my neighborhood will make it.



  7. Sorry I haven't been by in so long Mary!  Glad to see you are settling into your NEW HOME!!!!  Seems everyone in J~land has been busy with something lately.  Hope Josh comes back safe and sound and soon!  -  Barbara