Monday, August 29, 2005

Getting ready.. and OH NO.. being waken by the police!

Got to love AOL.COM where you can go and log in to your account while you are away from home and read your e-mail and add to your blog lol.. anyway..

Just a quick up date.  Left my house with my mom and her husband about noon yesterday.  We took the MO side of the River Road this time and made a couple of side trips *WINK* LOL  It was fun.  Sophia is loving all the extra attention.  We made it into Cudahy (south of Milwaukee where mom lives) at 6:00 a.m.  Needless to say we were poooooooooooooped.  Well all except Sophia.  She was wired.

My mom lives in a very small apertment.. about the size of my bedroom acutaly.. if not smaller.  She was telling me some stories on the way down about her strange neighbors.. *gulp*  Anyway so this morning when we got home the first thing Sophia said was she wanted to go explore the hallway.  You know I told her no and to NEVER go out of the apartment unless she is with me or Mom.  We were dog tiered so mom and John went to bed and Sophia and I snugled on the couch watching cartoons.  I dozed off... can you guess what happen>??????????  

Yep... needless to say I about had a heart attack when I was awaken by a policemen saying he had a little girl out in the hall and asking if she belonged to me!!!  One of the wacky neighbor ladies found her and called the police. (thank the Lord it was her and not some other charters) But all is o.k.  besides me benig a bit freaked and Sophia being sternly talked to.

I asked mom if she noticed that we seemed to have a reoccuring theme in our family??  Her and dad were kidnapped when I was H.S. (long story and I have a journal link somewhere about that) and my Sister's daugher being kidnapped a few years ago (again.. I have a link somewhere about that story too).  Thankful each had a good outcome and Sophia was not the one kidnapped this time!!!

Ok.. I am in my hot red dress.. my roots have been done (really I am a natural blonde but once you start lighting up with color you have to keep it up) and my hair is in rollers.  We are alllllllll most ready to drop Sophia off and meet my sis for dinner and then off to see Neil!!!!   We have FLOOR seats!  I am thinking he should pull me up on stage.. I am going to look that good : )  I am going to try and sneek in my dispoable camera.. but they make take it away.. more later friends.. I have a BUSY WEEK ahead of me.. and I haven't even told you all that is going on at the home front!


  1. WWO glad sophia was safe .
    have fun and take pics of you in your hot dress and the concerrt.

  2. thank GOD sophia is safe...oh and the camera...stuff it in the front of your dress inbetween the girls. the guards arent supposed to get to fresh with u!

  3. Thank God Sophia was ok. Have fun where ever you are going. It sounds like a concert of some kind. Good luck on the sneaking camera. Helen

  4. So glad it turned out alright and Sophia was safe. what a scare that must have been . hugs, hon.

  5. Hi there!  I have been searching to find more christian journalers in j-land and stumbled upon your place!  Nice to meet you!